Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why this Campaign? Why this Project?

Years ago, my friend Nan, had a habit of calling me when I was my most stressed and/or wearing my Cranky Pants or worse my Depression Snuggie.  At those times, I would hate talking to anyone, but I would always answer Nan's telephone call.  Even though, I wasn't rude or cranky to her, she knew my frame of mind.  She would ask me. "Why don't you do a project?"  I would argue that I'm cranky and depressed because I have too many projects to do.  Too many things that needed my attention.  Nan would never back down from my excuses.  Firmly she would ask, "Are you doing any projects just for you?  Something that would make you happy?  Not a big deal, just a small little project.  The more creative the better.  It just might change your mood and outlook on life."

The first few times she made this suggestion (in those days, I had a closet full of Cranky Pants and Depression Snuggies) I resisted.  I would give in.  Find some small creative project I could throw myself into and complete.  The trick...I had to complete the project.  So, I kept the project small.  Upon project completion, I would have a more positive outlook.  All those other projects that were making me cranky and stressing me out, with my fresh outlook, I was able to complete those as well.  I also learned things about myself and creativity along the way.  I'll forever be grateful to Nan for her support, friendship and her many lessons around creativity and shakin' the blues.

The Campaign Trail
I swear, I burnt my Cranky Pants and Depression Snuggies years ago.  It seems to me to be the latest fashion trend in society.  I'm not a fool and I'm not blind.  I know there's some real serious stuff happening to people.  I know that for some people, life has taken a unpleasant dramatic turn.  I know that there are a lot of people out of work, out of their homes and feeling out of sorts and out of luck.  I know we have wars and unrest.  I know.  I know. I know. I know.  I also know that it's easy to decide to be negative, cranky and depressed.  I think negativity is like feeding on junk food and candy.  It's all around, easy to grab and oddly satisfying.  A solid diet of junk food and candy can make a person ill.  I think it's the same with feeding on negativity and allowing it to be all consuming.

A couple of months ago, the idea came to me to start a Campaign against all this negativity.  That idea seemed negative in tone to me.  I thought what if instead of being absorbed in negativity, the world got absorbed in creativity?  The focus on creating and talking about it to inspire myself and others.  I felt I needed more of a focus and a challenge to stay on the campaign trail, so to speak.  Then Nan's idea of projects and getting creative came to me.  A project a week for a year.  Some big projects, some small projects.  Creative projects.  52 complete projects.  The Campaign for Creativity to Banish Negativity, in my mind, was born.

I'm not under the delusion that I'm going to create world shaking art.  I do know this...I'm going to have fun and maybe discover and learn somethings along the way.  I hope you will enjoy the ride with me.


  1. I am so excited about this idea and this campaign. What a needed and absolutely fun idea. Thank you for having the strength and insight to bring it into reality. I look forward to participating!

  2. What a fantastic idea! I've been trying like crazy this week to get my depression snuggie off and, for me, this is a perfect solution. I have an entire room in my home set up for creativity...fully stocked with all the art supplies, materials, books, crafting supplies one could possibly want - just waiting for me. I'm on board; starting now!

  3. I'm in! What a great idea! Woo Hooooooo !!!!!!!

  4. Welcome Everyone! Enjoy the journey. You have already inspired me! Thank you!