Saturday, April 30, 2011

Worry Warts

Lately, I've found myself in many conversations about worry.  I'm beginning to think, that the human mind loves to gravitate towards worry.  Worry to the point of making our selves sick with worry.  Or creating "worry warts."  Little bumps on our lives that prevent forward movement.   In thinking about worry and why we love it so much, I've formed some theories   We love worry so much, because if we worry and fret, then we have no time for any thing else.  That anything else could be something positive in our lives, a dream realized, a feeling of joy, freedom from pain (emotional or otherwise).  Yick! Who would want all that?  Worry is much better, right?  It's sooooo much easier to sit and stew in worry than, plan and create in a forward positive movement.  It's much easier to make a big mess of our lives than to build something beautiful and strong and long lasting.  All that positive stuff always has to be tended to, who needs that? We can worry and do other mindless things, nonconstructive things at the same time.  With this we can find ourselves in a nice little pattern that makes it impossible to move forward or find joy and passion in life.  But hey, we have our worry and our doubts and if we are down enough, we have lots of company for our negativity. (Remember, misery loves company.)  There's a lot of value in worry.  Why would we ever want to give that up?
My answer is for an experience of true joy and love this world has to offer. Health and energy-vitality. The work in creating and tending to a rich full beautiful life is worth it.  The feeling of accomplishment and gratitude is well worth all the effort.
Yes, worry and negativity is easy.  And I've said this a lot, there is all sorts of support for negativity out there in the world.  Being positive and free of worry is a challenge.  It takes work.  Work when things are going well and fine and work when things are spiraling downward.  The rewards are great.  In your total being.  Mind, body and soul.  There is support out there for the positive.   And I've discovered by adopting a positive, not worry mind set that there is an internal support that comes from within.  I feel stronger and confident in me.  I have an inner knowing that I can create anything.  I can make my life happen. Yes, negative stuff happens.  Sometimes things don't go as I want them to.  I have times of worry.  It is all part of life.
How do I stop my worrying jags? I start by focusing not on the worry.  I don't even focus I what I want to happen.  I start by placing my focus on what the universe or God or high power is.  I usually start with the Universe is abundant.  The Universe is love.  The Universe is compassionate.   These thoughts and many more I focus on instead of the worry.  Everytime, I start to worry I turn my focus to The Universe is thoughts.  All positive. All good.  It seems easy, because it is.  The trick is to use it.
Are you creating "worry warts"? 

For my project this week, I created a bumpy crocheted "Spring Is Here" tote bag.
28 projects complete 24 to go!

Also, Congratulations...Prince William and Catherine Middleton.  It was a joy watching your wedding.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The "T" And Nothin' But The "T"

The "T".  Drag Queen slang for The Truth.   I believe in speaking my "T". and  in tellin' the "T".  I have not always been that way.  Years ago, a good friend and mentor gave me the feedback that they never knew what the goods were with me.  They felt that in my efforts to please everyone and keep the peace I would play both sides against each other.  Powerful feedback.  It changed my life.  From the day of receiving that feedback, I shift my life.  I vowed to tell the Truth, and people in my life would know where they stand with me and I stopped playing both ends against each other.  More life changing.
Speaking my Truth is power and positive.  It is a source of strength, when spoken from compassion, it draws me closer to the people in my life.  It also comes with this tremendous sense of freedom.  I feel like I have nothing to hide or worry about.

What stops us from telling our Truth?  For me it was fear of rejection.  Fear of owning my own thoughts.  Fear of what I had to say might not please someone.  Fear of me being myself.   All this fear leads to anger, and anger is well...negative.
Like shifting any life long habit, it take time, patience and practice.   Like shifting any negative to the positive, it is worth the time and effort.

Do you speak your "T"?  What stops you from speaking your "T"?  How does it feel to speak your "T"?

Until next week...create to feel great.
27 projects complete 25 to go.

This week's project is a vintage book mark.   Vintage lace on wool lavender felt.  Sweet and simple. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Power Of Words

Our English Language is so complex in some ways and so simple in others.  I always struggled to learn foreign languages.  I'm not good at it.  I speak a little Cat French but very little. There are times when Mickeygirl walks off in disgust at my lack of Cat French speaking skills.  Yet I love the English Language.  I've had page a day calendars with a new word everyday.  I like to play word games.  I love to write, and I certainly love to talk.
This week my lesson around the language came in an odd form.  The choice of words I've heard people use.
I'm not talking about swear words, although I think some of these words might qualify in my mind.  I'm talking about the use of words I see as negative in just everyday talk, and folks being okay with that.  The word I'm talking about is "hate".  I might be being sensitive here, but I feel the word hate needs to be used with caution.  And yet, it is okay to hate vegetables, flavors of ice cream, types of music, TV shows, etc.  For some people that word is okay for everyday all the time usage.  For me I think it needs to be reserved for evil and extreme cases. In my opinion, if folks checked the use of that one word in their everyday speak, I feel their mind set would move closer to the positive.  I feel it is that strong and powerful of a word.  Even as I write this, I'm feeling a little down.
I believe in the power of words.  Our choice of words is one the areas we can control in our lives, and help us create a more positive outlook.  If you don't believe me...try it sometime.  Take a word that has a negative charge to it and find a more positive word or way to express that thought.  Example...Instead of hating that cauliflower or okra.  Don't really care for cauliflower or okra.  Yeah it's simple, but shifting our thought patterns are just that...simple.
Are there other words that charge negative that make feel less than energized and positive?  How do you want to shift them to the positive?

I'm wanting Spring, so to coax it to get there, I thought maybe a Spring hat pincushion might be in order.  Complete with it's own hat box.

Until next week create to feel great!
26 projects complete!  26 to go!  It's Half Time!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dancing Support Around

Last week I talked about Friendship and how much I love my friends.  That got me to thinking about support in my life.  My friends support me, I know this.  It's taken me years to figure out what supports me and what sets me back.  Support is a funny thing.  I think we all need it to get by in life.  I think sometimes we are more willing to give support than to seek it and ,God forbid, ask for support from others.  To give support or show your support for someone or something is often viewed as being strong and compassionate.  To need and ask for support is often thought of as a sign of weakness.  So, sad.  Support is a tricky little dance at times.  When is support too much and enabling a person and actually making the person who is receiving the support weak?  Here's my thoughts on that.  Support loses it's value for both the giver and receiver when it becomes a burden on either party.  Burden means for the supporter, they feel their energy and resources draining, they are resentful and start to wonder, "What did I get myself into here?"  For the person being supported, it becomes the crutch.  They are really not moving forward and their life isn't really improving.
I'm a firm believer in support in the appropiate amounts.  There are varying degrees of support.  Sometimes we just need a little bit, other times we need a lot, it all depends on the challenges we are facing.
One thing I do know is that being clear on what will support you when you need support is critical. So, is how much support you are willing to give, when asked.  All in all, it is an exercise for boundaries and being clear.  When all is in order...the clarity, the willingness, the bounderaries, support is magical.  It connects us, it moves us forward, it creates positive possiblities in our lives.  Yes, support can be a challenging and difficult dance to master, but it's worth the effort, both to give and receive.

This week seemed to be a week of challenges for not only myself, but others I know.  The discussion of support and thoughts of it have been apart of my life this week.  In addition, to all I've said in the above statements, I also think support can come for the most amazing and surprising places, if we allow it to enter our lives.  My example of this is,  is one of the crafts I received in a swap I was in on Swap-bot.  I got this fun and cute little sock doll.  The minute I opened it, Mickeygirl, saw it and fell in love with it!  She was having a down day and not feeling so hot.  The doll perked her up.  It has been by her side for the last couple of weeks.  This week she got a great report back on her blood work.  Her health is good.  I'm relived.  I wrote to the creator of the little doll and told her Mickeygirl's story. She said it is not the first time a cat has fallen in love with one of her dolls.  I think that it is really amazing.  I also think it supported Mickeygirl on some level to get well, at very least, brought her cheer. 
I'm using this as my project of the week...because I can, and I've made other projects that are duplicates and this one is so special. Consider it a guest artist.
How are you with the "Dance of Support"?

Until next week...25 projects complete! 27 to go! (wow this year is flying!)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

In Praise Of Friendship

This last week, I spent yet another wonderful afternoon with one of my oldest and dearest friends.  We made Spring cards.  (It's been a challenging Winter, and I think sending out cards celebrating Spring, seemed like the right thing to do.)  Again, another relaxed and creative afternoon.  My friend was the massive card maker this time, she got inspired and her energy took off like a rocket.  Amazing! We inspired each other, while creating, laughing and having a glass of champagne.   Needless to say, I love these afternoons. On the drive home I was thinking about all the years we've been friends all the stuff we've gone through together and a couple of very nice vacation trips.  I love my friend.  She knows me well and supports me in times of doubt and times of celebration.  I can speak my truth with acceptance.  It's helped me discover who I am over the years, and as I have evolved, my friend has been there.  I like to think I've been there for her as well. It's what friends to.  I'm blessed to say I have many friends like this in my life.
I feel there is something in our culture that says needing support is a sign of weakness.  I feel it's the opposite.  Not being able to have a strong support system or feeling like you can't ask for support when you need it is a sign of weakness or at very least something is off in your life.  Having a strong support system in our lives is our connection to community.  A strong support system helps us do what we want to do in our lives.  Again, they are there for us to reach out in times of doubt and uncertainly and in times of celebration. Without this connection to community I think we can start to not only feel isolated but resentful of this isolation.  That can start to harbor a whole slew of negative thoughts and actions.  We need friends.  I believe this.
I'm touching on this subject, because I do feel so blessed. I also met a person this week, who really has no support system and feels that friends and relationships get in the way of their work.  I sort of understand this mind set, as I've been there.  And yet I walked away from this person, attempting to shake their negative energy and having compassion for them. I wonder what would bring someone to this place in their lives?  (I also don't entirely buy their line of not needing or wanting support or friends, but that's me.)  I wish them well.  I know having friends take time. Developing relationships with people take time and energy.  It's a huge risk.  For me it is worth the risk.  The time and energy is part of the pay off.  I just can not image my life now with out them.  I can not imagine my life without people I feel safe enough to be me and ask for the support I need to muster courage to do what I do and to create my life.
Each one of my many friends, are a treasure to me.  They add so much to my life with the mere thought of them. They inspire me. They help me create a rich full life. They make me smile and laugh. They support me. I'm a better person for having them all in my life!  True blessings. Bubbles in my life's champagne glass. (Okay, okay...I'll stop before I get sloppier.)  Thank you all, you know who you are.
So, how's your support system?  Do the people in your life bring you up?
Until next week...create to feel great
24 projects complete! 28 to go!