Saturday, April 23, 2011

The "T" And Nothin' But The "T"

The "T".  Drag Queen slang for The Truth.   I believe in speaking my "T". and  in tellin' the "T".  I have not always been that way.  Years ago, a good friend and mentor gave me the feedback that they never knew what the goods were with me.  They felt that in my efforts to please everyone and keep the peace I would play both sides against each other.  Powerful feedback.  It changed my life.  From the day of receiving that feedback, I shift my life.  I vowed to tell the Truth, and people in my life would know where they stand with me and I stopped playing both ends against each other.  More life changing.
Speaking my Truth is power and positive.  It is a source of strength, when spoken from compassion, it draws me closer to the people in my life.  It also comes with this tremendous sense of freedom.  I feel like I have nothing to hide or worry about.

What stops us from telling our Truth?  For me it was fear of rejection.  Fear of owning my own thoughts.  Fear of what I had to say might not please someone.  Fear of me being myself.   All this fear leads to anger, and anger is well...negative.
Like shifting any life long habit, it take time, patience and practice.   Like shifting any negative to the positive, it is worth the time and effort.

Do you speak your "T"?  What stops you from speaking your "T"?  How does it feel to speak your "T"?

Until next week...create to feel great.
27 projects complete 25 to go.

This week's project is a vintage book mark.   Vintage lace on wool lavender felt.  Sweet and simple. 

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