Saturday, April 30, 2011

Worry Warts

Lately, I've found myself in many conversations about worry.  I'm beginning to think, that the human mind loves to gravitate towards worry.  Worry to the point of making our selves sick with worry.  Or creating "worry warts."  Little bumps on our lives that prevent forward movement.   In thinking about worry and why we love it so much, I've formed some theories   We love worry so much, because if we worry and fret, then we have no time for any thing else.  That anything else could be something positive in our lives, a dream realized, a feeling of joy, freedom from pain (emotional or otherwise).  Yick! Who would want all that?  Worry is much better, right?  It's sooooo much easier to sit and stew in worry than, plan and create in a forward positive movement.  It's much easier to make a big mess of our lives than to build something beautiful and strong and long lasting.  All that positive stuff always has to be tended to, who needs that? We can worry and do other mindless things, nonconstructive things at the same time.  With this we can find ourselves in a nice little pattern that makes it impossible to move forward or find joy and passion in life.  But hey, we have our worry and our doubts and if we are down enough, we have lots of company for our negativity. (Remember, misery loves company.)  There's a lot of value in worry.  Why would we ever want to give that up?
My answer is for an experience of true joy and love this world has to offer. Health and energy-vitality. The work in creating and tending to a rich full beautiful life is worth it.  The feeling of accomplishment and gratitude is well worth all the effort.
Yes, worry and negativity is easy.  And I've said this a lot, there is all sorts of support for negativity out there in the world.  Being positive and free of worry is a challenge.  It takes work.  Work when things are going well and fine and work when things are spiraling downward.  The rewards are great.  In your total being.  Mind, body and soul.  There is support out there for the positive.   And I've discovered by adopting a positive, not worry mind set that there is an internal support that comes from within.  I feel stronger and confident in me.  I have an inner knowing that I can create anything.  I can make my life happen. Yes, negative stuff happens.  Sometimes things don't go as I want them to.  I have times of worry.  It is all part of life.
How do I stop my worrying jags? I start by focusing not on the worry.  I don't even focus I what I want to happen.  I start by placing my focus on what the universe or God or high power is.  I usually start with the Universe is abundant.  The Universe is love.  The Universe is compassionate.   These thoughts and many more I focus on instead of the worry.  Everytime, I start to worry I turn my focus to The Universe is thoughts.  All positive. All good.  It seems easy, because it is.  The trick is to use it.
Are you creating "worry warts"? 

For my project this week, I created a bumpy crocheted "Spring Is Here" tote bag.
28 projects complete 24 to go!

Also, Congratulations...Prince William and Catherine Middleton.  It was a joy watching your wedding.

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