Monday, July 29, 2013

Even I Have Limits

Well, here I am at Week 29 of Year 4 of This Campaign. 184 projects in and I'm tapped.  Not tapped out of projects and certainly not tapped out of creativity.  Just tapped out of energy.
The last four weeks, I've been assisted with my blog writing by some very special animal friends.  They felt like they didn't have a lot to say, but turns out they really did.  I asked them to help me out because I took on a huge costume job.  I've been working like crazy on costumes for a production of Romeo and Juliet.  I've costumed this show four times.  This time I wanted to do something different and really reach. 
Well, I reached so far that I almost fell off the roof.  But I didn't.  I'm just tried.  Run out of energy. Totally.

I discovered my limit.  I wanted to post a post yesterday.  But I didn't have the energy to take a photo and write something meaningful.  I did complete a project.  Not just the Romeo and Juliet costumes, although that is a huge project complete.  I completed a project that I'm going to "cheat" and share next week.

Knowing my limit is serving me.  I discovered that in order to push to the a person's limit and beyond, one needs to be in the present moment.  I'm use to pushing myself and working hard- putting out tons of energy and effort.  I've done that mindlessly for most of my life.  Then realize that all I was was tried, un-fulfilled and cranky as hell.  With staying in the moment...I pushed. Now I listened that I just can not do any more for a bit.  Time to rest.  Take care of me.  Build my reserves back up.  I'm tired, but it's a good tired.  I'll recover.
I'm glad I pushed.  I amazed myself with what was created.  I can say I gave it my true best.  And now it's time for the world to enjoy, if they want.

Until next week...create to feel great...even a little zapped tired.

29 projects are complete. 23 to go!  Sorry no photos.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bird Brains

Helloooo!!! I'm Janet Redhen.
I live with my three sisters next door to the meal worm lady, who usually writes this blog. She's been so busy making something, that she asked me to write this blog post.  Well, of course I said.  I have a lot to say don't you know.  A lot.  I may be a simple hen, but I'm very smart and wise.  I know a lot about being happy and achieving dreams and just living life in general.

The main thing that will be your life grand is to do something that is wonderful and astonishing.  Let the world know who you are. If you do something wonderful, like lay an egg.  Let the world know about your achievement.  An egg is a wonderful thing.  I lay 1 to 2 a day.  Can you say that?  No worries, if you can't.  I'm sure you can do something just as wonderful.  Please tell us about it.  Doing astonishing things every day will make you oh so happy.  Try it.

A word about meal worms.   They are my favorite treat.  I will do anything to get a meal worm.  I dream of meal worms.  One day I wanted meal worms and a dust bath so badly, I learned to hop the fence to get in the yard of the meal worm lady.  I took my dust bath (she also has superior dust in her yard) and waited for her to come out her back door.  Sure enough she did!  I ate my fill of meal worms.  It was a dream come true.   Dreams are important to life.  Very important to life.  They make you happy.  I will never forget the day I achieved that dream.  I felt strong and important, not to mention full of meal worms and cool and clean.  So, dream.  Dream big.

Lastly, go to bed early and get up early.  Don't worry and avoid stress.  Those eggs I lay...they will get stuck inside you if you worry and are stressed.  It happened to my little sister, Sweet Sue. It can happen to you.
That's all I know for now.  It is my bed time.  Good night.

Oh, yes...until next week...create to feel great!
28 projects complete! My that's impressive!  24 to go! 

The mealworm lady has been making lovely hats.  Don't you think these are just lovely?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

MickeyGrrrl's Turn

Hello.  My friend, DeeDee, is very busy completing a costume
project.  She asked me to write her blog this week.  After all, the stinky boys I now live with have had their chance.  My post will be short, as it is summer, it is sunny and warm and I'm in the process of dying, so I don't waste time.

Yes, you heard me, I'm dying.  It's okay. We all are.  I'm just a little closer in the process than most folks.  My life is good everyday.  It has been for the last 16 years. My first 2 years were not so good. That's when I decided what I wanted my life to be fabulous and set about creating it.  It didn't matter that I lived in a shelter with 20 other cats.  That I had died twice before my first birthday and came back to life.  That there was a person in my early life who almost kicked me to death and I have lived my life with a big old lump on my beautiful tummy.(It doesn't hurt and you can't it see unless I roll on my side.)  All that didn't matter.  Why? because I was alive and as long as we are alive we can create.  We can dream and make something better.  How?  First step is to forgive.  Let the crap that is tossed at you roll off your back. It them not you.  Second step is to believe.  No matter what.  What you want your life to be is up to you.  Third, but certainly not last is to come from a place of love.  That's a tough one.  Because people always think well I'll love them if they love me.  Don't do that, please.  Love no matter what. Even if they kick you.  Love no matter what, because people who love you no matter what will come into your life.  And you life will be fabulous as you are.  My life is fabulous!  And I wish that for you.  Love is all we got.

Oh and one last thing I know...It's okay to set boundaries.  In fact you can look cute doing it.  People will love you for it and if they don't, just roll over and act like you are sleeping.  They'll get the idea.

Don't forget to nap.

Until next week...create to feel great, please.
Love MickeyGrrrl

27 projects complete 25 to go (I hope she makes it.  I might be around to see that)

Project of the week is a kitty mask for Romeo and Juliet...For the King of Cats, Tybalt.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Younger Perspective

HI Everyone!  My name is Samuel.
Until last week, I lived in a small shelter in Centralia, WA.
  I'm only 10 months old, Robie found me sitting in the middle of a highway with big trucks.  Someone left me there.  I was sort of sad.  Robie took care of me for 8 months.  Being in a shelter is sort of okay, but it is not home.  I knew there was something better for me...a home and family.  I really wanted a family.   Last week, my moma Dee came and got me.  I met my brother Gus and sister MickeyGrrrl (I think she might be dying, she smells sort of funny. It sort of scares me a bit.) There's this big guy with a beard, I think his name is Broadside, I don't know about guys, just yet. Gus calls him poppa. 
My moma is still so busy doing and making stuff, she asked me to write this blog.  I don't know what a blog is or writing.  Moma said to tell my story and what I learned about being in the shelter.

Sigh...okay.  So I still think people are good, even though a mean person left me on the side of the highway. Learn to forgive.  If you get nasty with people, you will always live in a small shelter.  People like nice people.  I like nice people.   Always be helpful.  Always find the time to play.  Keep your fur clean.  Jump as high as you can.  It feels good and people are very impressed with high jumpers, reaching for the bird. Never forget that no matter how long it takes see your dream come to life, dreams are life.We need them to live. Remember you are a keeper.  Everyone is a keeper to someone.  Oh, and nap.
That's all I know for now.

 Until next week...make something you'll feel better. I think that's what moma says

She made 26 things and has 26 more things left to make.
I gotta really I gotta run through the house!  Freedom!

My moma makes cheese.  Goat cheese it is really good before she puts junk in it.  I like it plan
She puts herbs in it.