Monday, July 29, 2013

Even I Have Limits

Well, here I am at Week 29 of Year 4 of This Campaign. 184 projects in and I'm tapped.  Not tapped out of projects and certainly not tapped out of creativity.  Just tapped out of energy.
The last four weeks, I've been assisted with my blog writing by some very special animal friends.  They felt like they didn't have a lot to say, but turns out they really did.  I asked them to help me out because I took on a huge costume job.  I've been working like crazy on costumes for a production of Romeo and Juliet.  I've costumed this show four times.  This time I wanted to do something different and really reach. 
Well, I reached so far that I almost fell off the roof.  But I didn't.  I'm just tried.  Run out of energy. Totally.

I discovered my limit.  I wanted to post a post yesterday.  But I didn't have the energy to take a photo and write something meaningful.  I did complete a project.  Not just the Romeo and Juliet costumes, although that is a huge project complete.  I completed a project that I'm going to "cheat" and share next week.

Knowing my limit is serving me.  I discovered that in order to push to the a person's limit and beyond, one needs to be in the present moment.  I'm use to pushing myself and working hard- putting out tons of energy and effort.  I've done that mindlessly for most of my life.  Then realize that all I was was tried, un-fulfilled and cranky as hell.  With staying in the moment...I pushed. Now I listened that I just can not do any more for a bit.  Time to rest.  Take care of me.  Build my reserves back up.  I'm tired, but it's a good tired.  I'll recover.
I'm glad I pushed.  I amazed myself with what was created.  I can say I gave it my true best.  And now it's time for the world to enjoy, if they want.

Until next week...create to feel great...even a little zapped tired.

29 projects are complete. 23 to go!  Sorry no photos.

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