Sunday, August 4, 2013

Shine! Shine! Shine!

This last Friday I witnessed first hand what happens when a creative artist stands at the helm of project, surrounded by positive, fun, creative people and sets out to tell a story to give as a gift to world.  We opened a production of Romeo and Juliet in a vineyard setting this last Friday night.  A very good friend directed the show.  It was his first.  I'm praying the first of many.  He had one concept to tell a story without all the ego.  Do to it with fun, creativity and love.  He succeeded in a large way.  Everyone including myself, who signed on, signed on embracing my friend's concept.

For me...I got to create and grow as a person on levels I never dreamed were possible.  To say I'm proud of my work, my friend and this production is a huge understatement.  My friend embodied what I'm trying to do with my Campaign.  What I witnessed is over 250 people in the audience also loving what was being set before them with almost a hunger. 

I now know people want to go to the positive.  They want to see others shine their bright lights and bring love out into the world.  Even if the story is sad and really doesn't have all that happy of an ending.  We want to learn from the story  and change our lives.  I think we get so inspired when we see such displays of other's true creative selves that we go ahead and try it on ourselves.  So true inspiration!  True love.  True life.  How cool is that?

After all these months of not stepping down from who I am.  To hold my lantern high and let the world see who I am and what I can and will create, I'm ready to not back down.  To proceed.

Join me, please.  Pick up your lantern and shine you light into the world.  We want to see it.

Until next week...create to feel great!

30 projects (plus) completed! 22 to go!

For this week's project I created an opening night gift for my dear wonderful friend.  It has
all the fabrics I used to make the costumes.  Each character is represented and even some of the trim.

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