Sunday, August 11, 2013

Word Watch

My Granny use to say to watch what you say as it will always come back to you.  Words are expressions of our thoughts.  If we are thinking something, we can make it happen for real in our lives.  That sounds good to me.  Except, we often allow negative thoughts to run wild in our lives.
So guess what happens...negative stuff appears in our lives.  The root of it all is our choice of words.  Our choice of thoughts.  Thoughts really are things.  Our words can be our magic wand.
How do you talk to others in your life?  How do you talk to yourself?  It's every little thought and word that matters.  Change those...change your life.  It's easy.  It takes focus.  Be gentle on you.

Let's all try to totally talk and think positive for the next month.  Note what right now seems like it is falling apart in your life, with a change to thinking positive and speaking positive in everything, note after a month how you feel.  Maybe this thing in your life that is right now falling apart, but just be mended or on the mend.

That's powerful!  Ready to give it a try?  Let's go!

Until next week...create to feel great!
31 projects complete! 21 to go!

This week's project...Dill Pickles!  My Grandma's garlic dill pickles.  What else do you do when the cucumbers I planted in the Spring are now growing fast!  Make pickles.  My first attempt at pickles.  They turned out pretty great.

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