Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lemons Into Lemonade

A couple of weeks ago, my project of the week was dill pickles I was happy that I had grew the cucumber and made pickle.  Upon tasting my pickles, they were less than wonderful.  They were awful!  Mushy and the flavors were so so.  I didn't want to toss out my handy work, but I knew they'd sit on my shelf in the pantry a painful reminder of a homesteading failure.
I don't like failure.  I don't like to have the reminders of failures hanging out in my house.  It was time to engage my creativity and to stop looking at these pickles as an embarrassment.  It was time to look at them in a different way.  They became relish.  A wonderful sweet pickle relish.  That go very well with the huge batch of home made sausages that are gracing my freezer.
Mushy Pickles into Lovely Sweet Relish!
I don't think anyone enjoys failure.  It really is what we do with it that counts.  Can we turn it around to success.  I think we can. It takes looking at the situation in a different way.  What it really took for me was to move off the failure mind set and all that goes with that to the "what can I do here?" mindset.  Here's a bonus for any of you who really feel you are just not adopting the "what can I do here?" mindset, and working with the answers that come to you... you are being creative.  Wow! What a cool boost!  I suggest you give it a try.

Until next week...create to feel great

33 projects complete! 19 to go!

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