Sunday, July 14, 2013

MickeyGrrrl's Turn

Hello.  My friend, DeeDee, is very busy completing a costume
project.  She asked me to write her blog this week.  After all, the stinky boys I now live with have had their chance.  My post will be short, as it is summer, it is sunny and warm and I'm in the process of dying, so I don't waste time.

Yes, you heard me, I'm dying.  It's okay. We all are.  I'm just a little closer in the process than most folks.  My life is good everyday.  It has been for the last 16 years. My first 2 years were not so good. That's when I decided what I wanted my life to be fabulous and set about creating it.  It didn't matter that I lived in a shelter with 20 other cats.  That I had died twice before my first birthday and came back to life.  That there was a person in my early life who almost kicked me to death and I have lived my life with a big old lump on my beautiful tummy.(It doesn't hurt and you can't it see unless I roll on my side.)  All that didn't matter.  Why? because I was alive and as long as we are alive we can create.  We can dream and make something better.  How?  First step is to forgive.  Let the crap that is tossed at you roll off your back. It them not you.  Second step is to believe.  No matter what.  What you want your life to be is up to you.  Third, but certainly not last is to come from a place of love.  That's a tough one.  Because people always think well I'll love them if they love me.  Don't do that, please.  Love no matter what. Even if they kick you.  Love no matter what, because people who love you no matter what will come into your life.  And you life will be fabulous as you are.  My life is fabulous!  And I wish that for you.  Love is all we got.

Oh and one last thing I know...It's okay to set boundaries.  In fact you can look cute doing it.  People will love you for it and if they don't, just roll over and act like you are sleeping.  They'll get the idea.

Don't forget to nap.

Until next week...create to feel great, please.
Love MickeyGrrrl

27 projects complete 25 to go (I hope she makes it.  I might be around to see that)

Project of the week is a kitty mask for Romeo and Juliet...For the King of Cats, Tybalt.

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