Thursday, November 5, 2009

Puttin' On The Creative Ritz

I like an apron. Looking around me, I think I'm not alone here. I see aprons for sale everywhere. The sewing pattern books have numerous offerings and styles. I see lots and lots of cool vintage aprons trimmed with lots and lots of rick rack. I think there might be something behind all these aprons. A bigger reason besides someone's strong desire to either use all the rick rack trim in the world or to have a wonderful excuse to wear all the rick rack trim in the world. I hope it's the latter.

Here's my thoughts on my love of aprons, and what I think might be behind all these wonderful aprons appearing everywhere. Besides the apron's ability to protect my clothes when I'm doing messy, sloppy projects, an apron helps me prepare to be creative. The action of putting on an apron, for me instantly sends a message to my mind and creative source, that it's time to be creative. It's part of the preparation. I put that apron on with the one thought, “Let's get creative!”

Even if I'm not doing something messy, I'll put on an apron. (I'm wearing an apron, as I write this.) Being in the creative process can be messy and sloppy.

Another thing an apron does for me, is it sends out a message to the folks around me that I'm doing something creative. Care to join me? (or please don't bother me.)
I really don't think this is too odd. Most professionals have something they put on that sends a signal out that they are doing their work.  Why would it be different for when we are engaged with our creativity?
Perhaps this comes from my years of  creating costumes and watching actors prepare.  As an actor puts on their costume, they are not only putting on their characters "skin", but the actor is also preparing to engage their creativity.  It's transforming on many levels.

Let me ask you this...What do you put on as you begin to engage with your creativity? It doesn't have to be an apron. It could be a hat, a smock, a pair of shoes, a garland, anything that would shift your energy and send a message to the rest of your self that you about to embark on a creative adventure.

If you haven't tried this, give it a try. If you feel you are stumped, lacking inspiration,blocked, missing your muse or any number of the things that get in our way to our creativity, try putting on something with the intention that you want to shift your energy. You want to get with your creative flow and expression.

Lastly, I love aprons because they are very easy to make, I can use fabulous and wonderfully wild fabrics, and of course rick rack! Even if you don't sew, you can still glue rick rack onto a purchased apron. Really an apron can never have too much rick rack. They are like little colorful jagged smiles.

Until next week...Create to feel great!
(4 projects complete.  48 to go.)


  1. I so identify with this. Every time I sit down to do my "serious" writing I feel compelled to wear something on my head. At first I felt a little silly, but since I was at home by myself I indulged in a little silliness. I totally felt the creativity shift. Since then putting on my Creative Headgear had become a treasured part of my "getting into my creative headspace" ritual.

    Its great to see I'm not alone in my creative rituals. I will have to see about adding an apron to my creative costumes mix!

  2. I've found it's anything that works. I have a friend who loved to make jewelry in her P.Js. She tried wearing regular clothes and couldn't get the creativity going. Switching to P.J.s...she was off and running.