Friday, April 9, 2010

Half Time Game Report

Wow!  As of this week and this post I have completed 26 weeks and 26 projects of the year long challenge as part of The Campaign for Creativity To Banish Negativity.  It's Half Time!   I want to take this post to pause a minute, celebrate and reflect on this Campaign's impact.
When I started this challenge in October, I knew that there would be little bumps in the road as I moved along.  I had no idea some of the personal life issue that would present themselves.  These challenges, challenged not only my everyday life, but they challenged my commitment to my creative process, my outlook on life, as well as my time and how I am living my life and what I want out of life.  Big stuff.  What the Campaign and my Challenge to complete one project a week and blog about it for a year, has done for me is astonishing.   I feel my understanding of my creative process and the creative process in general has deepened.  I've expanded my community of friends, support and mentors. I'm learning tons of new things about how to create, about myself and about just how expansive the creative community is out there.  Oh, and through it all, my attitude and outlook on life has been, for the most part, positive and upbeat.
I'm more confident and relaxed in who I am as a person, an artist and a contributor to the world.
And I've just hit half way mark!
I know I'm not doing this alone.  I have a large group of supports/readers/followers with me.  Lately, there isn't a week that doesn't go by where someone out of the blue comments to me that they have been following my progress.  Sometimes it's folks I know, sometimes it's total strangers.  I want to thank you all.  I'm doing this challenge for me, and yet, I wouldn't be totally honest if I didn't say that, I know you are out there, cheering me on, and there is a part of me that hopes you find some value in what I put out here.

To celebrate this milestone, I started taking a class in flower arranging.  I always feel like everything I learn helps me in other areas that I work and create in.  It was only the first class, but it promises to be a great eight week ride.  It's relaxing and smells so good.  So, I've titled my first flower arrangement "The Campaign Mid-way point Celebration Bouquet."
Thank you all for joining me on this Challenge and the Campaign.  Here's to the second act!  Bring on the next 26 weeks.
Until next week...Create to Feel Great
26 projects completed 26 to go!

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