Saturday, June 19, 2010

Child's Play

On the street where I live, there is this young boy, I'd guess about age 12 or so.  He's tall and skinny and at first glance a little what some would call geeky.  On sunny days, in the afternoons, he rides up and down our street on his bike, singing at the top of his lungs.  I can't ever tell what he's singing.  His voice is yet to change and it's in a sweet angelic high range. He sings for hours.  Given that I don't really talk much to my neighbors and the current climate in my city with adults and kids, I have never spoke to this young man, I don't know his name.  If I encounter him when I'm getting out of my car or taking something to the garbage can, I smile at him and say something to the effect of, "I enjoy your singing."   The other day, this boy was walking up the street from the bus stop, I can only assume coming home from school.  He was wearing a Davey Crockett Coon Skin Cap.  Another day he was riding his bike, in what could only be described as his idea of what ballet dancers wear.  It was like not really a tutu and not really a leotard. Just last week he wore a combination of the Coon Skin cap and the ballet outfit; still singing as he rode.  Broadside and I were having dinner on the porch at the time.  Broadside thanked me for providing a good dinner that night along with a show.  Every time I see this kid, I'm stuck by just how much courage and creativity he is willing to display.  The creativity is apparent.  The courage might take some thought for someone to see.  Not only am I entertained by this kid, I admire him.  I think it takes guts to do what he does, display his creativity to the world.  Dance (or in his case sing) like no one is watching.  Also, I think it takes guts for a kid to wear a Coon Skin Cap to school and not come home looking like he got his ass kicked. In my day, a kid his age would have been the subject of some serious ass kickin' at school, either physically or verbally.  It seems to me that he isn't ashamed of who he is.  He confidently embraces those parts of him.  He just does it.  Not a big deal.  I pray the "ass kickin" you must conform" messengers in our society never get to him and take this spark away and make him want to hide who he is.

I wanted for this week's project to do something simple.  A craft for kids.  And it's a pre-packaged one at  as well.  Sun-Catchers.  I got these at Jo-Ann's, they were cheap and for some reason appealed to me.
Not a huge time investment, but I had fun filling in the frames and adding my own touches by mixing the colored beads and baking them. Easy, quick and fun.  As I was making these I thought, this is sort of a cop out.  My true voice of reason stepped in. "Get over yourself, will ya." (My true voice of reason sometimes has to hit me over the head before I'll listen) "When you set out on this Challenge and Campaign, nothing was stated that the projects each week had to be perfectly laid out, executed and/or back breaking difficult."
Thank you for that reminder, True Voice of Reason.  On top of it all, I'm hoping these Sun Catchers help the sun to stay for more than half an afternoon.  It's been extremely cold and rainy in Portland, Oregon and I want some sun, please.

This project was good for provoking thoughts of the moment.  Like how when I started this Campaign/Challenge/Blog, I had really no idea the power it would bring to my life.  The fact that I proclaim to the world every week that I'm creative.  I create.  I struggle with my creativity.  I struggle with it's healthy place in my life. I struggle with how my creativity connects and integrates and lives peacefully with the aspects of my personality.  How my creativity helps me through my life everyday.  Assisting me, if only to keep my outlook on life positive when the rest of the world says it's really okay to live in fear, despair and negativity.   This is my equivalent of wearing a Coon Skin Cap and my version of what a ballet outfit looks like, going out on my bike to sing at the top of my lungs whiling riding up and down the block.  Here am I world! How do you like me now? 
Is there a part of you that is dying to come out and play?  To be expressed?  What's stopping you?
I fing it's best not to over think this one.  As it really is as simple as Chlid's Play.
Until next create to feel great!   36 projects complete... 16 to go!

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