Saturday, October 16, 2010

53- A Campaign Recap

Today marks week 53 of The Campaign For Creativity To Banish Negativity.  It's my week off from "project of the week."  It's also, my last day at age 53 (I was born at 11:35 pm on October 16th).  Since my last post, I've been receiving a lot of acknowledgement from the people in my life.  Thank you all!  Folks in general are amazed and inspired that I was able to complete 52 projects and that I'm willing to write about it.
A great friend asked me what are some of the things you learned doing this challenge over the past year?  I've been reflecting on this question, let me see if I can recap.
This past year, I've sewn, knitted, painted, quilted,crafted.  I've discovered a wide wide world of crafters who love to share their ideas on the Internet.  It's vast and huge.  So, many creative people out there.  Thank you for all your ideas and tutorials.
I've pushed myself to learn and try to create new things.  I learn to needle felt.  I created a cook book.  I'm now crocheting again. I'm talking about creativity and encouraging others to be more creatively expressive.  I'm taking more creativity coach training, in order to get more cred and certification.  I'm writing again after giving it up years ago.
I've pushed myself to talk about my creative process, my thoughts on life and how I think it works.  I've fearlessly talked about about myself, Broadside, my Grandma and Granny, some of my struggles, and of course my love of cats.  I've proved to myself that I can do whatever I set my mind to do.
Most importantly, I've banished a lot of negativity in my life.  I finding myself laughing more.  Expressing myself in a positive manner as I interact with people in my life.  Some people have commented that they've seen a difference in me. (Thank you!) I'm living more in the present, worrying less about what will happen in the future and creating a fulfilling life and enjoying it.  I can say I'm always looking on the bright side of life (apologies to Eric Idle- I just had to use the reference).
I feel, all this allows me to contribute to others more fully, and thus doing my part to banish negativity.

I'm on a roll here.  I don't think 52 (or 53) weeks is enough. So, starting next week I will be going for year two...Project of the week will return.  The Mickeygirl and Gus saga will continue (More cat stories. Hope you can handle it).  I thinking year two is going to be a butt kicker!  I hope you will join me here.

Until next week...create to feel great!

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  1. I personally am looking forward to another year of Create to Feel Great! I can't wait for more kitty stories. I love hearing about Gus and Mickeygirl. Thank you for continuing this amazing blog.