Saturday, October 2, 2010

Habit Forming

In my quest to better understand my creative process (and others as well), and to get more coaching certification, I'm reading Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit.   I have loved Ms. Tharp's dancing and choreography for years.  I remember first experiencing her dancing in my mid-twenties.  A full evening's program.  I was moved to tears.  When her last tour, where she would dance, was announced I saw her dance in Portland, Seattle and San Fransico.  I would have followed her more, but I was out of money and had to get back to the job I had at the time. 
I was over the moon when I discovered her book on the creative process.  I've just started reading, but I'm already thrilled with what she is presenting.
The first idea is about rituals.  What gets us started on our creative path.  What do we have to do in order to get the juices flowing and growing?  She stresses that these are so important to creating. 
It got me thinking about my rituals.  I have many.  I have a different one of the type of creative endeavor I'm engaging in.  I didn't realize I had a ritual for The Campaign.  I do.  Every Sunday morning, the first question I ask myself is: What would I like to create this week?  I do this while listening to ABBA (okay, I just outted myself) and walking to coffee. Sometimes I find the answer right away.  Sometimes, it takes a couple of days, but I got the wheels moving on Sunday morning.  Friday afternoons are my time to write the blog. Before I start, I sit with Mickeygirl for ten minutes.  She's purring away and I'm in her energy.  Usually after ten minutes, Gus wants to horn in and I'm ready to write.
For costuming, whatever project I'm about to start, I have spend ten minutes looking for whatever on Ebay.  It doesn't have to be for the show.  I usually don't bid or buy.  I just "window shop" on Ebay. Oh, I have to be in my PJs. 
In my daily life, just to get started on my day, I walk.  I have coffee and I text a friend.  That starts my day.

Rituals.  Important to get things going.  I think they are an anchor for us.  A sense of security in a world that doesn't promise much security.
This week's project is a cork board trivit.  I was walking through the Goodwill and discovered a huge bag of corks and a tray with a wood frame.  All half price.         
I had a great time sorting through the corks and looking at all the "art", Amazing stuff.  Then figuring out how they all fit in.  And gluing them down.  So, easy to make.  I'm thinking a great gift idea.

One last thought about rituals.  This Campaign has become my creative habit, my weekly ritual, my sense of security.  I'm interested in discovering what else Ms. Tharp has to say about The Creative Habit.  It's so great to know that Twyla Tharp still has the ability to inspire me.

What are your rituals?  What is that one little thing that you have to do every time you start a project, you know will get the juices flowin' and growin'?
Until next week...create to feel great! 
51 projects complete! 1 more to go!  For real.


  1. Love reading your blog; always so thoughtful and inspiring. Only one more??? Are you really going to stop at 52? I hope not.

  2. Let's see what happens next! :)
    Thank you for all your support with this and everything else!