Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pyjama Day Play

"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.  Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality.  Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. ~ Lao-Tzu"

Okay Lao-Tzu, great zen master, you didn't have the week I had this week. Yet you are talking sense to me right now.   I'm going to confess, right here,on the Internet before God, and anyone else reading this...that the level of stress in my past week was way way off the chain.  It was a perfect storm of crap that swirled around me, as I have no idea why it was coming at me.  It culminated in me having a huge crying breakdown.   Had I seen Lao-Tzu's quote earlier, the breakdown might have been adverted. Some how I doubt it. Oh, well.  It really was what it was.  The details of this week aren't important, and I'm okay, now.   I learned an amazing amount of stuff about me this week. Strong and good useful stuff.  The sort of stuff that if I leverage it properly and put it into action, will benefit my life forever.  Being on the other side of  this stress storm, great things happen. From all this emotionally charged stress, how did I manage to get so much clarity?  I allowed myself to take a Pyjama Day.  I stepped out of the stress, donned my favorite P.J.s and spend the day doing whatever I wanted to at home.  I allowed myself to feel whatever. Which I have to confess, for most of the day, was great. I didn't focus on anything but the day.  I hung out with Gus and Mickeygirl (for whom every day is a pyjama Day), I cooked myself a nice healthy lunch, watched bad TV, read, napped and I made paper.  All in my pyjamas.  Along the way, I gained a sense of peace and those amazing insights.  Over the years, I've come to realize that pyjama days are vital to my health and well being.  Everyone could benefit from a Pyjama Day from time to time.  I have usually made it a habit to put  pyjama days in my life on a regular basis. Usually one or two a month.  It helps me weather stress storms that do come up in life. Most times I schedule them into my life.  Then there are the "emergency Pyjama Days" like the one this week.  I don't know what happened with this week, but I do know the PJ day helped me move on and stop the stress from coming back at me.
Making the paper in my PJs was the most fun.  Making paper is easy and quick and doesn't take a lot of thought.  I found a person on the Internet who suggested placing the wet paper on leftover flooring tiles to dry. (Not the ones installed on your floor, but the ones leftover from a home improvement project.)  That was a genius idea. I've always used towels and newspapers that get all sloppy wet.  I really got into the play of it all.   I had a vision of making paper on the Martha Stewart show, with both of us in our PJs. Oh, why not?  I was playing.  For me any project that involves glitter and color can't be all bad.
I went to sleep that night relaxed and peaceful.  Now I'm ready to embrace Lao-Tzu quote and go with the flow in my everyday life.  I can address stressful situations proactively and not reactively.  More going with the flow, as ideas come to me just how to do this with ease and no struggle.
Do you do pyjama days on a regular basis?  What do you do on those days?
If you don't do pyjama days.  My suggestion is to try might like it.
Until next week...create to feel great.
5 projects complete. 47 to go.

For cool paper making instructions check out this site.
I will be using my paper on another project very soon...Stay tuned.

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