Saturday, November 27, 2010

Classic Fail! Epic Save!

I'm creating some Christmas crafts (final part to be project next week).  Last week it was paper.  This week it was polymer clay stars. Both are parts of a bigger project.  Well, I thought I was going to use polymer clay stars.  That was until I started working with it.  Over the years, I've played with polymer clay.  I've made flat objects for theater projects.  They turned out okay.  For this project I wanted stars with some dimension.
Molds were called into action.  Polymer clay didn't want to go in to a mold, as least not the ones I had.  Well, it went in.  It didn't want to come out.   Darn!  My vision for these stars were not going to happen.  Enter the bag of paper mache stuff, called Sculptamold.   I bought this stuff years ago, used it with not much success.  It's a paper mache product that mixes with water, loves molds.  It can be painted, glittered and it will be wonderful on the project.
I like the side of me that is willing to fail in order to succeed.  I know I'm only talking about little Christmas stars on a craft project.  Yet there is something inside me that is never so "married" to an idea that it has go the way I have planned or I don't want to play.  I've relied on this flexibility in me to create some amazing things, including this blog and Campaign.  This mind set has aided me in creating what I think is an amazing life.  I'm never ready to just give up, until I know in my heart that I have looked at all the angles, I've explored every possible idea, I've tried everything to make something work.  I believe the open mind set and not being "married" to an idea and how it needs to go, is a corner stone to creativity.  It certainly makes my life flow with ease.
Being open to that there is a possibility of failure, this only allows us to succeed on a greater level than we could ever imagine.  I'm not saying to focus on failure and let it control you.  I'm saying give yourself permission to fail and not let the idea of failure stop you from creating what you want in you life.

Until next week...create to feel great!
6 projects complete...46 to go!

Next week...I put the last two projects together into one project!

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