Saturday, December 4, 2010

Coming Together-Holiday Style

For the last two weeks, I've created projects that I had in mind to be a part of a larger one for this week.
I have to confess, that is about as much project planning I have ever done for this blog.  That is not to say that I don't plan.  I actually plan a lot in my life, almost to the point of driving Broadside a little crazy. (He's from the Cool Hand Luke School of "I've never made a plan in my life" mind set).  The planning for this project made me happy.  It wasn't the fact that I was making things and gathering up creative stuff.  Some of it was the fact that it is a holiday project.  The largest part was the fact that I had arranged to take all my gathered up crafting items over to my good friend Marilee's house and craft with her.  As I packed my large carry bag with goodies, it felt like I was preparing for a crafting adventure.  I really was.
Marilee has been my friend for over 17 years.  We use to work together.  We've taken great vacations together.  We've experienced life's ups and downs together.  It's great to have a friend like her, close by.  In past years, we've created some fun projects together.  As I drove over to her house, I kept thinking that it has been way too long since I've crafted with her or anyone for that matter.
Crafting with others, is a truly rewarding experience for me.  It amps up my already high creative energy.  It always feels like a celebration of life to me.  Certainly, this time it felt like a celebration of friends.  The afternoon was long and relaxed.  The creativity was flowing off the charts.  We laughed, talked and shared stories. We painted, glued and glittered.  I'd have to say, that for me, it was a perfect day. 
Together we created these decorated boxes.  We got inspired by a box she gave me for my birthday.  It celebrated Fall.  Ours celebrate the Christmas season.   I'm not so sure what I'm going to do with all these boxes.  I know I'll find homes for them. (Warning to all my other friends).  All the stars and paper I made I only used one of each, that's okay, they will get used for another project another time.
The round box lower right...uses the paper and
paper stars I made for the last two projects.
If I had one wish for everyone this holiday season, it would be for everyone to spend some time crafting, baking or getting together with a people they love  to create something.  It makes for a joyous celebration anytime of year.

Until next week...create to feel great!
7 projects complete.  45 to go!

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