Saturday, December 18, 2010

There Must Have Been Some Magic

"To make all life more poetical, more sane,more living, loving, to experience the true of all things...
This moment...This moment...This moment." ~ William Segal 
Many people in my life know I love hats.  I love wearing them. I especially love teaching others how to make hats and I love making them to give to others.  My dear friend, whose daughter is getting married this week, asked me if I had a top hat they could borrow to add some fun to the wedding photos.  As much as I love hats, I don't keep the costume hats I make. I just couldn't say no to the prospect of making a lovely top hat.  I had the perfect fabric, lining, hat band.  As I was making this hat I had no idea of the joy and delight it would bring to the bride's face when I presented it to her.   She gasped with excitement as she exclaimed. "This is perfect! He's going to soooooo love this hat!  He's going to look sooooo handsome wearing it!  It's better than what he wanted!"  Then she hugged and thanked me a million times for this hat. 
Making hats are easy. (I am serious here.  Making a hat is easy. No, not just for me.)  I think they are like the ultimate zen process.  Much of a good hat is hand stitched.  A lot of tiny, delicate stitches and big stabbing stitches.  What makes creating a hat difficult is the when I don't focus.  Again, when my mind wanders into worry or other things I should be doing.  Stepping out of the moment.  With this hat I wanted it to be full of love.  The only way that happens for me is when I'm in the moment as I create.  I had my doubts that the groom would even want this hat.  I questioned why I was doing all this work?  Afterall, I have a ton of Holiday gifts and crafts to make as well.  This hat was taking me away from it.  All these thoughts stepped me out of the moment.  Out of creating what was to become "the perfect hat!"  The hat the groom would love so much.
I did my best to keep those useless thoughts at bay as I worked.  I'm glad I did.  The bride's joy confirmed for me I made the correct choices.
As I was saying goodbye and I'll see you at the wedding to the bride and her mother, the bride hugged me again and told me how much she loved me.  How important I am to her and not just for top hats and shawls, but because I give so freely of myself and my talents.  I hugged her tighter.
Her mom, hugged me and looked me straight in the eyes and said. "Thank you for bringing the magic.  You always bring magic." I know I do that, but lately I had forgotten that.  My friend reminded me that I do bring the magic.  For me, there is not a better more positive feeling in the world.
Here's what I mean by's not being afraid to show up with our tool bag of all our talents and who we really are at our core being.  Putting those talents, whatever they are, to use for the greater show of love. Not holding back on our talents or parts of ourselves.  Putting everything out there, without reservations or doubts, whatever those might be. (There are million of those nasty doubt-y  things)  In my mind when I act out of love, I'm more connected to the magic that there is in everyday moments.  I love bringing the magic. For me, it seems like a simple thing to do, as it really is.  I love my friend for reminding me of that fact and actually encouraging me.
As I look at this top hat I'm thinking of Frosty The Snowman.  The line- "There must have been some magic in that old silk hat they found. For when they placed it on his head he began to dance around." Some one brought the magic there and it brought life to old Frosty The Snowman.

How do you bring the magic into your life? (Remember, it really is an easy thing to do and we all have that power in us to bring the magic. Magicians make magic look easy-'cause it really is.)
Is there someone in your life that you could encourage to bring the magic?
Until next week create to feel great!
9 projects complete!  43 to go!

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