Saturday, December 25, 2010


I usually don't have any trouble keeping myself more than creatively busy from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  There a million and one things I want to create. A million and one things I want to do.  It surprised Broadside when one Saturday morning, a couple of weeks ago, I announced I was going to take a painting class that afternoon.  He carefully asked. "Aren't you already creating a ton of stuff?  Why do you need a class?"  The class was painting a pop art pet portrait.  Mickeygirl and Gus on canvas, done by my own hand.  How much fun could that be?  I think Broadside was afraid I was going to start down another creative road and it would soon become an obsession for me.  He's right.  The class was one of the best and most fun I have taken in a long time!  I didn't know painting a portrait would be so fun.   I reluctantly do water color renderings for theater costume projects.  I'm not fast at it or confident and the the drawings always look strange to me.  Stiff.  I don't think of doing renderings as fun.  They are a task.  Allbeit, a creative one.

The Pop Art Portrait
 This process of taking a photo and using a grid method to transfer the photo on to a canvas was amazing!  It was joyful to me seeing Mickeygirl and Gus "come to life" for me.  Applying the paint was relaxing and fun.  I think the best part was using observational tools and being so in the moment as I worked.   Taking things one inch by one inch.  The zooming in and out.
As adults, I think we always feel like our play needs to produce a result.  At least I feel that way most times.
Play is just the result in itself.  Play is play.  If we have something to show the world fine and great.  If not, oh well.  Ask any kid playing. "What is your result of all your playing ?"   I'll bet you they will look at you cockeyed and puzzled.  Yes, I got a painting out of my playing.  Is it art gallery quality?  No.  But I like it.  And I had fun.  I went to the class to learn something new and to play.  I did just that.  I think kids playing are also, on some level, learning about themselves, their At very least they are connected to the moment and I hope, having fun!
I will be painting more.  I already purchased the canvas boards and I'm hoping Santa slips a small set of acrylic paints and some good brushes in my stocking.  I want to perfect the techinque and have much more fun.  I'm even thinking that doing costume renderings might start to be more fun and less of a task.  All from a bit of play.

When was the last time you had playtime?  Is it time for play?
Until next week...create to feel great.
10 projects complete.  42 to go!

The Original Photo
 P.S. Best wishes for a joyous, play filled, fun filled, love filled Holiday!

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