Saturday, January 1, 2011

Post Holiday Slump

Great title for a blog about banishing negativity.  Well, it is a great title, because it is the truth.  My truth for Christmas evening and the day after.  What happened ?  I don't know.  All I know is that it happened.  Late Christmas day I found myself slipping into a deep funk.  A real funky funk.   I had a great holiday.  I created a mountain of joy and what I feel were great things.   Broadside and I had a fun Christmas Eve.  (How many folks can say they saw Santa buying drinks in a dive bar, down the street from their house?  It was a friend of Broadside dressed as Santa. Still.  It was fun and funny.)   Christmas morning was bright and wonderful.  Great and relaxing.  Afternoon brought with it a funk, and it decided to stay until the evening of December 27th.  Why am I going on about this less than positive event?  Because for whatever reason funks happen.  I've discovered it is sometimes best to embrace these occasional funks  Allow them to be and don't give them any more power than they are just funky and the sooner they go away the better.  Embracing this funk allowed me to feel.  Everything.  I felt and thought so deeply about so many things, that  I gained clarity about elements of my life I want to change for the better.  Somewhere on the evening of December 27th I found my old happy positive creative self.   I started to do this week's project and a couple more.  The rest of my week was full of happy meetings with people I treasure in my life, amazing "wow! The world looks so great from here" moments, and creativity.
The departure of the funky didn't just happen.  I had to work at it.  How?
1) I embraced it.  I didn't try to change it.
2) I looked at all the wonderful elements of my life.  Big and small and really really small.
3) I figured some of this funky could have be brought on by eating way too much sugar and other junk.  Stopped doing that at upped my water intake big time to flush it all out.
4) Looked for things to look forward to.  I my case it was confirming my meetings with special folks and creative projects.
5) Taking a nice nap after a long hot bath. (A true classic that works for me.)
The result of all this produced this week's project.   It's a glass etched water pitcher.  Glass etching is easy and takes a little planning. A little focus.  This one has a spray of flowers on it. 
I'm calling it Spring Right Now.
I'm confindent in saying I will be heading into the new year...with no signs of a funk.  If one does show up, I'll embrace it fully.
Given that we all get in funky funks or slumps from time to time, how do you deal with it when it arrives in you life?

Until next week...create to feel great!
11 projects complete 41 to go!

I also want to wish you a Happy New Year!  I hope it is full of joy and light for you.

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