Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Magical Blessing Of The Day!

I like making connections with things, events, ideas, people, etc.  It happens all the time with this Campaign.  A lot folks know I'm doing this.  A lot of folks send me ideas for projects.  "'Cause I was thinking of you and your blog." I like that.  I have a good friend, who lives in Colorado.  We speak on an almost weekly basis.  We've never met in person and yet the connection and friendship is amazing.  It's like we have been through years and years of stuff.  And yet we have never met.  We will some day and for the time, it doesn't stop us from building a sisterhood and a tight bond.  I have a few friends like that.  Old School Pen Pals have been replaced with telephone, email and text buddies.  The miles that separate- really don't.
My friend and I have been sending each other email links to these massive Internet sites with massive amounts of craft ideas.  I have to confess, I think I started it with the help of Martha Stewart.  This week my friend sent me a Quick Crafting link.  And from there my brain went into over load. (I think I'm still a little amp-ed up from all the holiday crafting I did. It's sort like eating too much sugar or a really great coffee buzz.)   One project struck me...quick fingerless gloves, well mitts!  Crotchet with big yarn.  This project struck me as a "want to make this." I have another friend. who is homeless and camps on the parking lot of the office I work at, he was saying, that same morning I got linked the pattern, that his hands are so wrecked by years of outdoor living.  It hurts to wear regular gloves. He has been looking for big fingerless gloves at the places that give out clothing.  Fingerless gloves are a much wanted item in his community and very hard to get.  I figure these aren't really a glove, but more like a mitt.  I think they might do until the real thing come along.  So, that connection between my friend in Colorado and my friend in the parking lot and this craft site...almost made me giddy with joy as I created.  Now maybe some of you are thinking. "Why doesn't she just go buy a pair of fingerless gloves?"  I could.  I could, and yet I keep thinking to myself. "What fun is that? Where's the joy and love in that?"  Besides the fact that I really hate to shop. Everyone would be advised to know, I love making things and giving them to folks.  With this "connection" I've created in my mind between a friend miles away and a friend locally in need and Internet designer and my stash of yarns and my creativity and my love of making things- running to the local store didn't seem as joyful.  So, I created.  The mitts were easy, yes they took time to make, an evening with stupid TV. I had a joyful time with them.  As I was making them, I also figured out a way to make them into real fingerless gloves.  The yarn I used was a blend of wool/acrylic and nylon. They will hold up to whatever Capt. Mark tosses at them.  The best part was giving Capt. Mark the gloves the following morning, after watching him struggle the previous morning with cold fingers.  They fit, they were comfortable on his fingers and hands.  He danced around for joy, showing them off to his friends as they passed by his campsite.  He thanked me for what he called "the magical blessing of the day."  He has no idea I'm focusing on bringing the magic this year.  I guess he knows now.  I didn't really realize I was bringing the magic to the situation when I was creating the gloves.  I guess I know now, as well.
I'm not posting this to brag.  I'm posting this to show how a very simple act can bring joy all around and touch more than one person.  I would have never thought of doing this or felt frustrated at how to do this, if my long distant friend had not sent me a craft link and I was in the moment enough to make the connection to making the gloves that became "the magical blessing of the day".  That for me is one of the greatest gifts of being in the moment and the creative flow.  Why I feel so blessed everyday. Using my blessings, my talents and gifts in a positive way can only bring about a positive outlook in me. It does. I like taking this outlook into the world.  It feels healthier, more productive.  And I feel closer to the people.  I certainly feel closer to my friends who are connected in this situation. More and more Magical Blessings of the day!
We all have blessings, gift, talents.  It's about being quiet long enough and strong enough in ourselves to bring them out and show them to the world.  Again, it's simple. I'll knowledge it sometimes takes practice here, and yet I like to say. "What else have I got to do with my time?"
The Magical Blessing Of The Day is now.  Right now.  How are you going to bring that into realization in your life? Right now?

Until next week...create to feel great!
13 projects complete. 39 to go!

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