Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Celebration Of Happy

This last week, was a busy one.  I'm finishing up a costume project on a show that has the quick changes from hell to say the least.  I also have to trash costumes, bloody and dirty them up.  That is one thing I don't like to do with costumes.  Not because I feel every costume has to be clean, pressed and pretty, but because distressing costumes take so much time, and if I do too much, then the costume is ruined and doesn't look right.  Now on top of that, Mr. Gus decide to get a head/chest cold.  So, I've been sitting in the bathroom with steam and him for a week.  I can't tell if he's getting better, but it hurts my heart to see him not being a pest and his old bouncing self.  It's something we'll both have to just ride out. Plus a visit to the dentist in all this.  So, those are the "downsides" of my week.  Not too bad.
Up side I started yoga a week or so ago.  To say that I'm loving it would be an understatement.  A couple of days ago, I really felt my body, mind and spirit  line up.  Amazing stuff!  With this awareness, I'm seeing some really wonderful things in my life.   I had two people this week, take a stand for me and who I am.  Both were completely different situations.  Both times really sent me home a message of how valuable I am. How I treasure all the strong, loving and supportive people in my life- if which I have many.  In the two situations, this week, the friends took risks and went out on a limb for me.  It was a level of friendship and support, that I feel, until now, I've never been able to acknowledge.  I would shut down.  Sort of go out of the moment, so as not to feel the depth and beauty.  I'm glad I stayed in the moment to receive the gifts.
Someone asked me about my blog a couple of weeks ago.  They wanted to know what I'm "getting out of all this creative stuff."  So much.  I'm getting so much.  How?  By being open.  I've had to open myself up to the possibilities to create a project each week.  I'm not only creating stuff, but with a positive attitude. I can not be putting (excuse me here with the language- I'm channeling my Grandma) "God Damn it" energy all over everything and expect a loving or positive out come.  This being open for me, has also created a connection to me the rest of my world and the world at large.  I'm seeing and feeling things at a depth that shutting back down is not an option.  "Yeah, but won't you get hurt? I don't want to feel hurt."  Yes.  That's possible.  And yet it is a small price.  I love feeling alive and energized. Creative and healthy.  Connected and contributing.
I've opened the door.  It would be painful and hurtful to back out now. Again, it is an easy step.  Now, I said easy.  I will acknowledge adopting a positive attitude, allowing oneself to be open to all the good, great and sometime bad and really bad a challenge.   I come from living in a place of worry, anger and fear for many years.  I can say now that my shift to the positive and creative and being open feels so so much better than the place I came from.  The first step on the path was easy.  Staying on the path as it unfolds is the challenge.  A worthwhile challenge for me, as I discovered this week the rewards are many and great.

Where are you "shutting down" and not allow life to flow in? It is time to enjoy a Celebration of Happy?
Until next week...create to feel great!
15 projects complete!  37 to go!
Oh, and in all this celebration of life and being open to life...I made Dry Lotion "hand cream" bars.  These are amazing for all the crafting I do.  Not greasy or filled chemicals.  A mix of great rich butters and lavender! Rub on my hands and I'm ready to get back into action! 

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