Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Magical World Of Mrs. Remington

What I'm about to write here may send reader/followers running.  I've never read more than one or two chapters of the first Harry Potter book.  I've watched about ten minutes of one of the movies (please don't ask me which one).  It's just not my style of book.  If I'm going to read, I'll read a craft book or self help or a biography or a classic like The Great Gatsby.  Harry Potter doesn't appeal to me.  Although I like the backstory of J.K Rowling and I admire what she was able to do with her creativity. I have many friends that love them some Harry Potter- book and movies. Recently, one of my friends has ask me to consider making a Luna Lovegood costume for her.
Not knowing the character, I thought. "There are Porn stars in the Harry Potter books?" (Just an odd choice of name).  It was time to hit the Internet and do some research!  What I quickly discovered was this Luna Lovegood is not a Porn Star, but  is a very creative,magical and quirky young girl.  For some H.P followers, she is their favorite character.  As she is described, she's really fits some of the aspects of my friends personality.  Once I discovered more about Luna, I realized that my friend had chosen a great character to want dress up like.  This was going to be fun.

It seems that Luna is know for wear a ButterBeer cork necklace and radish earrings.  Yes radish earrings.
Crafty Harry Potter fans have been crafting and posting the patterns for these earrings on the Internet for years.  From what I could tell, the radish earrings patterns are flat.  Last I looked radishes are round.
Here in was my do I make round radish earrings?  Why is this such a challenge?  Well, I'm a lazy person at heart.  I like folks to give me the pattern or idea and I allow me to riff. Do my own thing.  I don't like figuring things out.  I enjoy the doing.  And yet, I accepted this challenge of the round radish earrings.      
Here's what I can up with (after rifting and brainstorming with Broadside for a couple of hours)...make a wool needle felt ball. (Yes, I'm still needle felting)  Cover that with beads strung on wire and glued on to the ball with jewelers glue. Then flat bead green leaves for the top. Magic!  Round radish earrings.  I can't remember when I was so proud of a creation. It was because I was not only rifting, but I was digging deep inside me and being willing to find the answer to make this work.  I could have given up and just beaded flat earrings.
That would have felt as good as I did when I completed this project.  That would not have allowed for some fantastic possibilities to grow for me.
My friend was beyond thrilled with her new earrings and necklace.  I'm thrilled a created something so unique in it's form and materials.  It felt like I created magic.  This magic came from me being willing to step out of my way.  Acknowledging that I'm a crafty rifter.   Instead of allowing that knowledge to stop me, I embraced it and allowed myself to dig deep and go beyond being more that just a crafty rifter.  I got out of my way.  I allowed space and room for something really cool to be created.
Getting out of one's way is just as simple as seeing yourself take one step to the right or left of the issue.  Letting go of the thought that you have to keep standing in the same place to get the issue resolved or project created.  One tiny tiny tiny step, that sometimes clears the way for us to see a huge field of possibilities.
Try it sometime.  Imagine youself taking one tiny tiny tiny step to the right or left.  Now what do you see?

Until next week...create to feel great.  I hope you create some magic with what you are now seeing.
16 projects complete...36 to go

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