Saturday, February 19, 2011

Love The Crafternoon

Ah! Valentines Day! I love it, I really do.  It's not that I'm married and it's a big deal. In 22 years of marriage, Broadside has never really known what to do with Valentine's Day.  Sometimes I get flowers or some other gift, but that's only some years. We don't go out to dinner that night.  This year I made gluten free heart shaped biscuits to go with pulled pork. Yum! Celebrating the day doesn't matter to me, really.  He shows and tells me he loves me everyday and not just in a "I love you" as I run out the door sort of way, but he'll acknowledge me, and my creative efforts and the joy I bring into the relationship. I do the same for him.  For me that's a Valentine.
Valentine's Day has become this time for me to throw back to my childhood.  To a time when I would spend days and days making Valentine cards to give to all my classmates at school (even the weird-o boys).
This year I had a good friend invite me over for a Valentine making Crafternoon.  The same friend who, in November, we made decorated boxes together.  Needless to say it was a great afternoon.  Lots of glitter was sprinkled, lots of stories and figuring out the world and many Valentines were created that afternoon.  My friend sets aside one Sunday a month for an open house.   She sent out a notice with her Christmas card.  Some Sundays are Crafternoons, some are folks just hanging out, enjoying a drink and snacks.  Of course, I look forward the Crafternoons.  Most of her friends don't show up for these.  If they do, they seem afraid to jump in.  The beauty of my friend, is that she loves play.  LOVES PLAY!  And her approach to crafting is just that...playful. It's attractive and inviting, she really encourages others to jump right in.  My approach is playful, but I always create like Martha Stewart is going to walk in the room any minute and if she doesn't like my craft, put an X in my permanent record for life, and take away my crafting tools. Though after a short time of creating with my friend, I start channeling my inner six year old.  I feel her reluctant to craft friends are missing out on a good time here.
This year, I got so excited about Valentine's Day Cards, that I went on line looking for ideas and heart templates. I discovered this site called Swap-bot. It's a wonderland of crafty folks swaping crafts and craft materials.  There was a Valentine Card Swap.  I quickly entered.  The swap was to send 3 people a handmade Valentine.  Wow!  I was thrilled at the ones I got and it connected me to just how many wonderful people there are in the world and most of these folks craft from the heart for real.

Now I'm hooked on  I recently did a swap for Random Acts of Kindness.  That was cool. I've done two Ultimate Year of Happy Mail- Sparkles and Paper.  Got glitter and craft paper.
I'm signed up to do 5 more.  I also got invited into a small group who grant each other craft wishes.  I put out my wish list and so do they and if we have something on that list...we send it off to the person!  Amazing.
All this crafting, creating and connection to a bigger world outside my studio has shifted my attitude on life big time.  I realize, once again, there is this whole big world of good thoughts, kind acts, and creating going on out there.  It makes me joyful and happy to know I'm a part of it.
Are you sitting at the crafting table of life reluctant to join in on the play of creating fun and joy in your life?
Come on! Pick up the glitter and glue stick and join in!  There's plenty of room at the table and tons of crafting supplies.
Until next week...create to feel great!
18 projects complete! 34 to go!

P.S. Crafternoon is a term I've used for years, but Crafting Queen Maura Madden, has a new book out titled is about how to host a craft get together once month.  Crafty minds, I'll tell ya.

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