Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year! Bring It On!

 "The real enemies of our our life are the "oughts" and the "ifs".  They pull us backward into an unalterable past and forward into the unpredictable future." ~ Henri J.M. Nouwen

Welcome 2011.  What fantastic things will this year bring to my life?  What can I create with with this year?  How can I bring the magic this year?  Bringing the magic is going to be my focus for this coming year.  I get chills thinking about it.  I smile at all the possibilities. I shudder a bit at the challenge of it all.  I just do not want to spend the year in oughts, shoulds or ifs. I want to create a magical year.  I've said this in the past posts, I feel that magic is easy.  All the movies, TV show and books make it look like it is. These characters usually need to source something inside them to work the magic.   For me it is remembering that there is magic in the moment.  Every moment.  It is all about my attitude and out look on life.  Yes, things get tough and challenging. (I've been dealing with a smoking furnace/almost fire hazard and the after math of it all, this week.)  Yet I feel, when I hold on to the belief that my positive attitude and outlook on the situation can help me steer into smooth waters or set myself on a clean and clear path, then looking around and taking note of the magic there is in the moment...magic gets created. I'm not going to go into depth defining magic.  As I think it is different for everyone. We know it when we see and feel it. I will say that tapping into the magic in the moment is where there is a deep deep source of unending love. Love is powerful magic for sure.  It can transform us.  It can transform the world. Oh, heck it just makes life sweeter.  Magic can be found by coming from a place of love.  A joyful acceptance.  I don't have to like something, but I can chose to "joyful accept" what the situation or person is and not let it tear me apart or ruin my life. "Harsh my mellow" as the old hippies would say.
So, I'm bringing the magic this year.  I'm excited.  I have absolutely no idea what all is going to look like, but that's the fun of it all!

The wand is purple felt with red glitter
saying "Magic Now".  I added
a Hello Kitty Charm and a beaded heart.
To help me remember to bring the magic, made a magic wand for this week's project.
Will you join me in finding magic in the moment this year?  Don't over think it, as the moment is passing. You just might be missing some of the magic around you!
Until next week...create to feel great
12 projects completed. 40 to go.

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