Saturday, December 11, 2010

Me And My Big Creative Mouth

Sometimes being the most creative person the people in my life know can cause a problem.  I don't think so much for them, but for me.  I'm also a girl who can't say no, when it comes to almost any creative project. Add to the fact that it's the holiday season and my creativity wants to amp itself up even higher. Imagine a race horse wanting to get out of the gate and run.  That's me and my creativity during the holidays.  It doesn't exhaust me, but it does some times leaves me feeling or asking. "Hey, what about me?"  When do I create for me? Please don't take me wrong here, I love love love creating and using my creativity for the benefit of others.  There are just times when I go way way overboard.  My creativity is always ready to run.  It's up to me to harness it for my good.  As I'm progressing along with this Campaign and I'm observing myself in this process, I'm learning.
I'm learning about it's okay to set boundaries.  It's okay if I pass on a creative project.  There will be more and more coming down the pike at any given moment.  My creativity will not dry up and go away.  I will, however find myself not being healthy or happy if I'm worn down to a thread in pursuit of every project.
Which brings me to this week's project.  A good friend of mine has a daughter who is getting married this month. (Crazy kid! What the what is she thinking?!)   Since I am one of the most creative people my friend knows, she has asked me to help add some creative touches to the wedding. It's important to note that my friend is wildly creative herself and very very good at asking for help and delegating- I'm watching and learning from this teacher.
Instead of agreeing to everyone of my friend's ideas and projects, I carefully weight what is possible for me to handle.  I still agreed to several things, because I wanted to and I thought it would just to the special day.
One of the things I agreed to was a shawl.  At first I had visions of knitting this wonderful white lace shawl. Light airy and warm.  Trouble here is I knit, yes.  I knit socks, not lace work.  I made a stab at knitting lace work and quickly grew frustrated.  Not only did I not have time to knit a lace shawl, I didn't want to spend my November/December in frustration. This was not the time to learn how to knit lace work.   So to plan B.  Beaded lace appliques on a light wool pashmina shawl.  Tadah!  Project of the week!  I think it's perfect.  If the bride doesn't like the bead work, they can be easily removed.  I don't mind.  I also had time to create shawls for the 3 brides maids.     
Another example of where my creativity got me into to something I was over my head in and came to my rescue with another creative idea. Again, I feel it's all about being open to the creative flow  As for knitted lace work, I'll attempt it another time.
Are there times when you get in over your head, even just a bit, and you've used your creativity to assist you to not feel so buried?
Until next week...create to feel great!
8 projects complete 44 to go!

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