Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Cool Down Victory Lap

As busy as I have been in the last six weeks, this past week been a lot less filled with busy.  A good friend reminded me that I've been running a marathon and marathon runners don't just stop, they cool down. She reminded me that I can't just go from running a 100 miles a minute with my hair on fire, to a complete stop.  She's right.  Time for what I'm calling- a cool down victory lap.  With this mind set, I've found my self, stepping easily into the moment and staying there.   It's a sweet spot.  No struggle, lots and lots of great insights, lots and lots of great conversations with great people I love so much.  Meeting new friends.  In the "lots and lots of great conversations with great people" category, a flood of amazing thoughts came to my mind this week.   Here are my highlights-

Wooti- doesn't like getting
his picture made. 
 In a conversation around negativity, a friend commented that our culture loves the victim. We do. Our entertainment industry is so focused on victim hood.  Once we are no long a victim the attention shifts to the next victim.   Later in my week, I meet the most amazing dog I've ever met.   His name is Wooti.  His momma rescued him when she was in Ethiopia.   He lost a leg from an injury and now runs on 3.  While we were having coffee outside on a fantastic sunny day, people were coming up to meet Wooti.  He is beautiful, wise and loving. A person can not be drawn to him.  Not one person, said, "Oh, poor Wooti.  You lost your leg."  They celebrated his story of survival and finding true love.  They all walked away, after meeting him, with a lighter energy and a smile.  I'm still feeling Wooti's magic.  I think of him or look at his photo and get chills and smile bigger than I've ever smiled.  I feel sorry that Wooti had to go through what he went through to get to where he is now, as I don't think any creature, animal or human, should have to suffer in any way.  And yet, we do.  And yet, here's Wooti.  Not a victim, but a celebration of life and how to turn it around for the positive.  Woot tells me that we don't have to celebrate the victim.   We  get them and us to a place of healing, in order to celebrate the good in life.   If Wooti were a human, people might be tempted to call him a hero.  I think that word gets used to much.   They would call him a survivor.   I call him magical.  Or Wootman the Amazing.  I feel everyone has that magic, once we shift from focusing on victim to focusing on the magic of transformation.

Honesty you celebrate the victim?- Maybe just a little?  Do you like being celebrated as a victim?  We all have times we sit on the pity pot.  I'm not taking about that.   I'm talking about placing our focus on victim.  The idea of victims.  How can you get them or you to a place of healing, in order to celebrate all the good in life and run your victory lap?

Until next week....create to feel great!
30 projects completed!  22 to go!

Another hard to photograph project
My project this week was an easy one and honors...animals.  It came from this packaged craft.  So, cool. Engraving art.  Inexpensive and any one can do this.  It's sort of a paint by numbers kind of craft.  Perfect for me this week.  'Cause aferall, I'm running my cool down victory lap!

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  1. I never know a pre-packaged craft could look so good. You did a great job. -hollychihuahua from swap-bot