Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sing It Out!

"We all know success, when we all find our own dreams.  And our love is enough to knock down any wall.  The future's been seen by men who realize, the simple secret of the note in us all." - Pete Townshed

I have always loved this quote.  As a teenager, I spent hours listening to The Who, and the song this quote is from.  In the music Pete Townshed wrote, it made me less afraid to look inside myself and then to show myself to the world.  Townshed's approach to music was inspiring to me.   I thought (and in some ways still do) he was the most creative person I ever encountered.   He took risks with his creativity.  Creating things and pouring energy into creations that most people didn't get most of the time. Yet it was honest and true for him.
The "note" he is talking about in this quote, is about our own vibration.  Our unique set of notes that make up who we are.   Our life's song, as it were. It is our life force.  What drives us to create, to love, to make this world better, to live. It is our own unique set of talents.   We all have a wonderful song inside us that deserves to be heard.  Sing it loudly for all the world.  It all starts with one note.   That note is the essence of who we are and why we are in this world.   I feel that sometimes, for whatever reasons, we are way more comfortable singing other people's notes or songs.  We even deny we have a song in us that is worth singing or that anyone would want to hear.  The note that comes from us is also very pure and easy to allow it to be sung.   So, why not allow your note to be heard in the world?  It mixes well with all the other notes being played by others who are unafraid to let their notes be heard.  Together it  is a sweet piece of music that our souls need.  It's positive.  It's healing.  It's forward movement.
I do seem to write a lot about using the talents and gifts we are born with and showing up in life with those talents and gifts.   I've found it is key to a rich full life.  I understand it takes courage to look inside ourselves in order to discover what we have been given.  It takes a bit more of that courage show it to the world. All that "showing the world" and courage, in the long run is the road to a positive mind-set and dare I say it happiness.
Also in this wonderful song are lyrics that remind me-

"There once was a note pure and easy. Playing so free like a breath rippling by."
What does your "note" sound like?  What stops you from allowing it to play in you life and help you create the song that is your life?

This week's project is in praise of shiney objects.  It's a new clutch I've been designing and working on for a bit.  I'm very pleased with the results.          

Until next week...create to feel great!
33 projects complete!  19 to go!


  1. What a great idea. I love the clutch. Your site seems very in line with The Artist's Way, which I'm a fan of. -holllychihuahua from swap-bot

  2. Thats an amazing design. Turned out well. Alaundra from swap bot.