Saturday, November 19, 2011

Here's Looking At You, Kid

This past Saturday, my friend Marilee and I attended an event call Braco (pronounced Brat-zoh) in America.  It was out at the airport Sheridan.   This is what is called a gazing event.   Braco is a man from Croatia who is known for channeling energy.  He doesn't call himself a healer and doesn't want to be worshiped.   For $8.00 he comes into the packed to capicity hotel event room (about 400 folks fit in the room) and gazes at everyone for five minutes.  He doesn't speak in public and he's in and out of the room quickly. 

Now I love whoo whoo stuff. I have my fair share of purple clothing, candles, chimes and a yoga mat.  Over the years I've attended psychic fairs, had my palm read and studied tarot cards.  I like this stuff, because I love information of any kind. 
And now, here comes Barco and the folks who claim he changed their lives, healed their illness and addictions, all by staring at them for five minutes at 8 bucks a pop.  Wow.  This was too good to be true.   I giggled as I read his website and the reports from folks who had attended his events.  I warned my friend, I just might get the church giggles, she said. "Whatever happens happens."  Okay. She had been warned.
We paid for two sessions, figured it was cheaper than a movie with popcorn.  I arrived early and walked around the lobby.  Some of the other attendees were in line for the next session, they didn't look like any different from the folks I'd waited in line with that morning at Starbucks.   I did notice the energy was calm and quiet. With an small vibe of expectation and hope.  It felt good.  Shortly after my friend met me, we were allowed to take our seats in the room.  It was packed!
Folks were shoulder to shoulder and hip to hip in the cheap hotel chairs.   A lovely blond lady came to the stage and talked a bit about Barco.  They showed portion of a video, that was on sale in the lobby. Then it was time for Barco.   If we could stand, we were asked to stand.  They started the New Age music and Barco entered.   It felt like he made eye contact with everyone in the room.  I later remarked that I thought he looked like a Christmas Elf in a white shirt and jeans.   All too soon, he left the room.  The blond woman allowed some folks in the crowd to speak to debrief (although they weren't brief) and that's when my friend got the church giggles with the guy sitting next to us.   Several folks around us, including myself started to giggle.  I guess this is a normal response, and happens all the time. Barco and his folks are okay with it.

After the second session, my friend and I went to the hotel bar.  We talked about the sessions. 
Here are my thoughts about Barco.   All he does for $8, is give folks permission.  Permission to feel whatever about themselves or others in a quiet, still, positive manner.  In his odd way Barco makes it okay to do whatever healing we have to do in this life.  The energy and message is positive  The blond woman encouraged folks to have an open heart towards ourselves and others. Not a bad message. I think we all want some sort of miracle in our lives. On some level, I think people start to "feel" that miracle while standing there in silience.  Just how often are we silent in our lives?
The experience cemented the bond I have with my good friend of many years.  We've shared a lot over the years.  And now we have experienced Barco together.

With all the negative messages we are bombard with everyday of our lives.  It was refreshing to have a positive message given to a group of people. It was cool that the message was given in silence.
Do I think or feel Barco is a healer?  I think we all have the power in us to be healers.  Heal ourselves and heal the world with positive thoughts, and actions.  Barco allows us to entertain all the possibilities.  It is even okay to be a giggly as little kids.

If I had only one negative thing to comment on about Barco, it would be the table full of swag.  The DVD's and the line of jewelry.  Sort of cheapened it, but I guess sometimes folks need to go shopping after an experience out of their comfort zone.  You can always pass on it.  Some folks need stuff for an anchor.
Even with that, I think it would be cool if everyone had that experience at least once, if only to tell the story and experience something totally different and out of a comfort zone.  

Thank you, Barco for one of the most fasinating afternoons I've ever experienced.  I got my value for my $16.00.   I'll be seeing you.

Until next week create to feel great!
4 projects complete. 48 to go.

Eight Sock Monkeys headed to Texas for the children who lost everything in the fires they had there this year.   It is part of Craft Hope Project. I hope they bring smiles and comfort to the kids.  They made me laugh as I sewed.

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