Saturday, December 17, 2011

It Starts With Me

"The first beneficiary of compassion is always oneself. When compassion, or warmheartedness, arises in us and our focus shifts away from our own narrow self-interest, it is as if we open an inner door. It reduces fear, boosts confidence and brings us inner strength. By reducing distrust, it opens us to others and brings us a sense of connection to others, and sense of purpose and meaning in life." 
The Dalai Lama
I really don't know if I can follow up this quote, but you know me I got something to say about it.  I do know it to be true and a great way to live my life.  I feel sometimes it is hardest to be compassionate towards ourselves.  Not self interested or self centered, but a true sense of compassion for who we are warts and all.  The practice of self compassion really does spill over to others.  It can't help it.  When we are feeling compassionate, the world does open up.
This is a great time of year to give compassion a try.  Not just in running out to the mall to get the biggest gift of all, but giving of yourself.  Your time. Your many talents. I say this a lot (mostly to remind myself) be open.  Be in the moment.  Be available to life.  Your life.  We can do this.  It starts with me.  For you starts with you.  Let's go!
How compassionate are you with you?  Are you willing to explore that idea and see what comes of it?
Until next week...create to feel great!
7 projects complete! 45 to go.
This week's project...paper flowers!   Made from dictionaries (old ones).  I haven't had a good glue gun project in months and months.  This filled the void.   Might make it on some of my packages this year.

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