Saturday, January 14, 2012

Getting A Move On!

Time for a New Year's post.  Resolutions are useless in my book.  They get broken like so many champagne glasses on New Year's Eve and often quickly after the resolution is made.  They seem like a fight against will.  A forced action.  A shoulda, woulda, coulda sort of thing.  Not good.  No fun.  Who would want to keep a New Year's Resolution.  Not I.

Now Goals.  Good.  Stronger.  Focused.  Engaging.
Here's what I like to do with  setting Goals. (Not too many.  You can always set more goals as you complete the list.)  Then I combine it with a Theme.  Themes are what I want my year to be about.  It helps to put the creativity in action.  It can and is good to support the set goals. It is like planning a party or event. Once the theme is chosen, we don't usually create an event with items that don't support our theme.  A theme for what we want our year to be about, helps to support our set of goals.
 A sidebar here- it is also good to get support around working on goals.  Good support can really mean the difference between  success and failure.  Set up a strong support system.  It that's your only goal this year.   I now return you to our progress.

I also love to mix in a question that helps me stay focused on my goals and theme.   A strong "centering question" can help me get back on track, on those times I want to stray or forget my goals. Plus all this is fun.  Working on most goals is work, so why not allow some fun to mix in? (Hint- Having fun makes work and life a lot easier.)

My examples for this coming year...I have my goal of writing more. Getting some writing published/sold.  Learning more about my life interests.   I'm also working on walking more and eating healthy.  My goal is to do three walking events this year.  Fairly challenging ones at that.  In that also lose another 30 to 40 pounds of body weight. And of course complete another year of my Campaign.
My theme is Moving Forward.
My question is How will I move forward in the world? I can also ask Will this action or thought move me forward?
These might not mean much to you.  They really shouldn't, afterall these are my goals, my theme and my question.  I'm putting it out here, to illustrate what I'm talking about and hopefully generate some thinking in you.  I want everyone to have a strong year.  The year of dreams coming true, whatever they maybe.
Hopefully, these tips will assist you in creating a focus that assist you in creating a fabulous year.
Here's to a great year!

What are your goals? Do you have a theme?  What you want your year to be about?

Until next week...Create to feel great!
11 project complete 41 to go!

Project of the week...a free form painting.   I usually paint with purpose.  The only purpose  here was to paint and create.  I call it My Backyard.  I think I would like to do more painting, it is so fun.

Had to put a Bird on it.

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