Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nice Diversion Tactic

The other day I saw a T-shirt that said, "I knit so I don't kill people."   Too funny, 'cause it is true.  I started knitting hardcore to release stress from horrible job I had years ago. Knitting is still my go to craft for stress relief.  There was a time when I didn't knit to divert stress, I ate.  And ate.  Years of mindless eating has taken it's toll on me and now I'm working to break that pattern.  So, I knit.  Way more fun for me.
Stress is a fact of life.  It's a fact of feeling.  Any time we are connected to anything or anybody, stress can occur.  Finding healthy ways to deal with stress is vital to our well being.  It is good to have a kit bag stuffed with healthy ways to deal with stress.   How do you know if you are doing something healthy to divert stress?  The first sign for me is that I'm present and in the moment with the activity I'm using to stress bust.  The activity takes me away from the stress, but not my present moment. Even if the stress has followed me into the present moment, it doesn't get to demand my attention.  After engaging in the activity, I'm usually not feeling the stress and I'm feeling more connected to the positive side of things.  I'm more in a happy place.  More times than not, I have a strategy for eliminating the source of that stress all together.
If you don't have an arsenal of healthy stress busters.  Perhaps start building it up with something simple like talking at a supportive positive friend or go for a walk or take a hot bath or craft something or knit.
Just starting packing that bag with healthy stress busters.  One can never have too many around these days.

What are some of your healthy stress busters?  Can you use a few more?
Until next week...create to feel great!

12 project complete.  40 to go.

In keeping with the knitting theme, I created a knitting needle/knitting supply roll up bag.  Perfect for double pointed sock needles and other knitting items.   Again...I created the pattern and design.  I'm diggin' the results.


  1. Stairs, I've discovered walking a few flights of stairs at the office can give me a chance to breathe through the stress of a crazy day.

    1. yes! Movement the best for getting past stress. I find it usually doesn't take a lot to bust it.