Saturday, May 12, 2012


I often say that I was lucky to have the benefit of the wisdom of some pretty amazing women in my life, as I was growing up.   My mom's mother was so much a great mom.  She wasn't the a loving grandma.  It just wasn't in her make up.  I don't think she ever really wanted to be either one, but she came from a time and place where that was what women did.  Got married (which she did a lot) and have kids (which she did 3 times).   She was a chef in a time when women were not allowed to wear the chef coat.   Yet she could cook her way around any of the great chefs past or present.  She love a cigarette, a beer and a good game of cards.   My memories of her are of summer nights at the dog racing track, fall afternoons cooking and baking down the kitchen, early misty mornings on the beach digging for clams and her flair for creating life drama.  To say she was a character wouldn't even begin to cover all that was her.
I've been thinking about the other day, as I'm creating costumes for a production of Hamlet in a graveyard.  The graveyard she that is her fianl resting place.  She never knew the contribution she made in my life.  I'm a good cook because of her.  I know how to pick a winner and not just at the dog track.  I think a good helping of my creativity came from her.   I will also forever be grateful for her giving me the quote. "There is always money and time for cigarettes, a bottle of booze and a trip to Reno."   Not one of the great metaphysical quotes of our time, but there is a ton of wisdom in the quote.  If there is something we want, we can figure out a way to get it.  Leave it to my grandma to make it colorful.
This is Mother's Day weekend, and whereas Grandma was never the warm loving spoiling type of Grandma, she gave me a lot of gifts.  And for that I thank her.  It will be nice to have her there during tech week.  I think see might like the costumes I'm building for Gertrude.

Until next week...create to feel create!
28 projects complete! 24 to go!

Project of the week...Something I did with some of those Kanzashi flowers I got crazy with and couldn't stop making.   My good friend needed a fun Asian flavor a fortune cookie fasinator with Kanzashi flowers.

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to your grandma! I have been blessed with having an amazing grandma in my life too and she has greatly shaped the person that I am today. I have visited this blog before... and have been impressed with your project a week. I have a thing for fortune cookies. So.. I am loving it!
    Maggie Goebel 'soyprincesa2'
    my blog is