Saturday, January 5, 2013

It Was Never My Intention To Leave

Happy 2013 everyone!   After a long break and what just had to be the best Christmas season of my life, I'm back on the Campaign Trail.  I have been kicking around some new ideas for this blog and my journey.  As it is with me, I get so caught up in my moments that I often don't think ahead to far to the next.  I have a ton of stuff I want to do, accomplish, see and create, how that all happens...I never really know.  At best I look at the list and allow it all to unfold before me.  When I force it, whatever I'm working on or attempting to accomplish, comes out looking, well, forced.
Now back to the blog.  I have ideas for a bit more structure.  Project of the week is still going to be a cornerstone.  My insights and ramblings, we aren't going too far from those (you've been warned).  I want to bring some folks in on the fun, and I want to expand on what I create.  Cats and Grandmother stories will appear from time to time.  I haven't done much talking about my love of cooking and crafting easy healthy foods, so aprons while be a nice thing to have from time to time, as there might be a recipe or two shared, certainly cooked.  Adventures in creating will keep me on my toes as I work to find and learn new things to craft/make/create.  Home matters and Craft Like I Care will get me seek out the organizations that could use some creative projects to better the lives of others.
I'm having a feeling that this will be a fun time.  I hope you'll pop in for the ride.

After saying all that, I have to ask...have you set your intentions for what you want for the coming year.  Notice I didn't say resolutions, as I've never found them to work past January 2nd.  I also didn't say goals.
I've discovered that goals can quickly turn into blocks in the road and clubs to beat myself with for not achieving them at years end.

So, intentions.  What is it that I want more than anything in my life.  Not for just this year, but in life for the long term?  Intentions set me in to a course of action.  Forward movement.  In acting, we are taught about characters setting their intention and then during the course of the play, they do whatever it is to get what they want.  Intentions help me look at how far I've come, they engage my creativity and they are very "in the moment".   When 2014 rolls in, I can stop and look at how far I've come towards my intentions, and look at all I have in my life instead of what I did or didn't do in my life.
As my Granny would say "I'm a fixin' to do...(fill in the blank and then go do it!) Another wonderful thing about setting intentions, is that they can be set at any time and in you moment.
What are your intentions?

Until next week...create to feel great!

1 project complete.  51 to go.  And away we go!!!

This week's project falls into the Adventures in Crafting.  I learned how to make wrapped ball and chain bracelets.  Really super easy and super fun.  Another fine five dollar Friday at Collage.

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