Friday, December 18, 2009

Creative Play

After last week, with Mickeygirl's health crisis, I needed some play time.  My good friend, Marilee, had the birthday gift of a fused glass studio party, which was last Sunday.  Three plus hours of playing with a new creative medium...fused glass, surrounded by good friends, was just what I needed.
I have always loved the idea of fused glass.  I have a couple of pieces of glass.  I was curious to learn and work in this new medium.  Our hostess, Tress, was full of energy, information and the love of her art.  She showed us the numerous easy possibilities, colors and designs we could make.  She then set us free to create.  She kept stressing this is about play. Freedom to create, and letting go of the out come, because no matter how well we planned our designs, glass has a mind of it's own, and we would be surprised at the outcome of our pieces once they were fired in the kiln.

This was the most joyful and fun afternoons I had spent in a long time.  We played and laughed.  Talked, told stories and caught up with each other's lives.  The time flew.   I got into the swing of it all and created about fifteen pieces.  Some pendants, some pins, some fridge magnets.  That was Sunday.   Today we picked up our pieces.  And Tress was right, I was surprised at how they turned out.   I think I played a little safe with some of mine, thinking I could control the outcome.  Those were the pieces I really didn't care that much for.
The pieces I let go on, I was surprised and I really really like.

I found out that Tress offers studio parties at a very reasonable price, about $40 per person.  She provides instruction and all the materials.  My friends and I are planning to do this once a quarter in the new year.  It's a great way for us to get together, create, have fun.
If anyone is interested in having a fun time creating in an easy fun medium Tress can be contacted at (503) 260-6900 or at  She is supportive and firmly believes everyone is creative, and creativity is a celebration.   Just what the doctor ordered!
Mickeygirl update...She's getting better.  Eating more everyday and slowly getting back to her routine (yes, cats have routines).  Her Vet thinks it was IBS.  Only now with all the stress she has a little cold as well.  So, it's a day by day thing.

For's 11 projects complete...41 to go!
Until next week let's all create to feel great!

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