Saturday, December 26, 2009

And That's What Christmas Is All About, Charlie Brown

The office I work at part-time, the boss allows a select  number of homeless folks to camp out each night on the parking lot.  They are under strict rules and must pack up each morning by 8 am.  Over the years, I've come to know a couple of these guys pretty well.  I consider one of them a friend.  
Each Christmas, I try to give him something I think he could use to make his life easier, at a very least feel special and as he would say "human again."  This year, I wanted to make my friend a flannel shirt.  So, it turned out to be this week's project.  This time of year, people seem to start noticing homeless people, and I don't know what it is, but these folks want to pile gifts on them, and then move on, feeling like they have done there good deed. Please understand me, this is not what making this shirt for my friend is about.  For me Christmas is about giving my gift of creative expression.  Some folks like it.  Some folks, are polite, but I feel they would really like it if I found my way to the mall and shopped until I dropped.  I don't care.  Stopping my creative expression this time of year is like trying to stop a fast moving train with you hand.  Not gonna happen.  So, jump on the train and enjoy the ride, because I am!  My friend and making this shirt was part of this.
I gave my friend his shirt on Christmas Eve.  He was almost moved to tears.  He said, "I never have anything for you."  Oh, but you do.  You give me the gift of allowing my creativity flow.  You share jokes and stories with me almost everyday.  You always have a smile and a good morning, sweet lady, almost everyday.  Those are valuable to me.  Very valuable to me.  The gift of friendship is more valuable than any gift that could be purchased, and a huge part of that friendship is allowing and accepting me as who I am.  Which you do, my friend.  You help me create the most vaulable gift of all...a magical connection between two people.
And that is what happens so much this time of year.
So, Happy Christmas! Merry New Year !  Most of all Happy Merry Magical Connections!

Until next week create to feel great!   11 projects complete  41 to go!  Wow!

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