Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wrapping Myself In Intuition

Intuition.  It's a funny thing. Yes, sometimes funny ha ha.  Sometimes funny, odd.  Most creative types are envied by those who think and believe "I'm just not creative," because they seem more in tune with their intuition.  Isn't that where all those creative people great their ideas?  This vast land call Intuition.  Where the visitor can pick any ideas off a tree, know it's right and then go make that idea happen.  It's all good in the land of Intuition.  It's open all the time and it's available when ever those creative types want to visit.   So, here's the thing about intuition.   First, it's not just for creative types...and what is that anyway?  Everyone on this earth is a creative type.  We are all creative.  I think some of us have just said "hell with it, I'm embracing my creativity, I'm going in.  It's a part of my life."  Then there's the camp that sit (perhaps in a bit of fear) and look at the creative types and say "I wish I could be creative."  Good news.  You are, come on in the water's fine.  Once a person taps into their creativity they also tap into their intuition.  A person can also do it the other way around as well.   At some point intuition and creative are going to team up.  I firmly believe these are the greatest gifts from the universe, God, cosmic muffin or what and who ever you recoginze as your higher power.  It's trusting.  Trusting your creativity and what it brings and trusting your intuition and what it brings.
Oh, with all this comes the wicked sense of humor.   I also believe, I'll say God, for ease here, that has a wicked sense of humor to get us to laugh at ourselves when we are getting too heavy.
I really discovered that this week.   Last week, I was drawn to yarn at JoAnn fabrics.  It was on sale and in big quanities.   As I walked by this yarn, I kept thinking about a crotchet blanket.   I haven't crotchet in years.  I have several friends who crotchet, I have off and on over the years.   Why a blanket? Why now?  I purchased enough for new blanket.   I usually don't do large projects, but something was driving me here.
I found a pattern for a blanket that claims it takes 5 1/2 hours to make.  Not bad.   Well, it took longer than that about 15 1/2 hours, but I completed it.  It was soft and warm.  Both Mickeygirl and Gus like to sit on it as I would crotchet and watch it grow.  
Four hours after completing this blanket, I got hit with chills, aches and a high fever.  Flu.  I've been under my new blanket from Tuesday night this week until this morning.  That blanket has been such a comfort to me all week.  Since it's new and soft, it's a kitty magnet.  More comfort.
I had some of the best rest, although ill, under that blanket.
Had I ignored that yarn, and not made that blanket, I would not have had such a wonderful such of comfort this week. Also, I would have been stuck for a project this week! And all the insights and lessons that I've had around the creation of a simple blanket and my life. Now that's funny, ha ha and funny, odd.

Yeah, being ill is the pits, but not listening to my intuition, no matter where it takes me, is missing out on all the creativity, joy, and humor the unverse has to offer and that's one great ride for me.  I keep thinking that if I would have listen to my intuition more, that I wouldn't have gotten sick.  I don't know.  It happened.  I think the lesson on that will be revealed when I'm ready to hear it.
I'm on the mend.  And I'm going back under my blanket.  I can't wait to use this blanket for the occasional nap or snuggling with a kitties after a big day of creating.

Until next week...create to feel great.    16 Projects complete 36 to go!

Mr.Gus is wearing a stylish Cone of Shame, as he has an eye infection that is mending.   Oy!  It's been a long couple of months of clearing out the old junk of life and moving on.   Thank God for my creativity!

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  1. What a beautiful blanket! Sorry to hear you had to suffer with the darned old flu. Hope you are feeling much better.