Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Hat In Hand

One of the many things I do is teach hat making at the local Community College.  It's not really traditional hat making.  The teachers who taught me millinary would have a fit if they saw my wild creative methods I teach my students.  It's easy, accessable and an inexpensive way to make a nice blocked felt hat. The fundamentials are there, it's just hat making my way.  I recently finished teaching this fun three week course.  I realized that I have never really made a hat for myself using this method.  I've made quite a few hats for theater productions, and for other people, but never one for myself.  I always make my students promise to finish their hats.  I decided it was high time to practice what I teach.
I love teaching these classes.  Working hands on with a group of people in a creative environment, nothing better.  Usually, in the group there is one or two people who would much rather have me make their hat for them.  They would love it if I did the work for them.  I always ask and wonder why is that?  They are usually afraid of the outcome not being perfect or they might mess it up.  If I do all their work, they don't have to be responsible of the outcome.  They also don't learn anything.  I always tell my students that there are many joys and lessons in messing up and making mistakes.   And I remind them that it's only felt and glue. If they mess up, they can always start again.  The real mistake (if mistake is the correct word) is not taking the risk to create, to learn and to grow.  I always learn the most when I'm learning something new or creating something new, by the mistakes or less than perfect creations. Sure I like my creations to be the best I can make them, but I also celebrate the less than perfect creations or mistakes as a badge of honor...proof that I'm still learning and growing.  In some cultures, they purposely put mistakes in their work.  They do this with the thought that only God or a high power can create perfect things, and the mistakes are praise for the talent and gifts that have been given to them, and also as a symbol that they still have more to learn in  life and using their talents and gifts.
Are there areas in your life or when you are creating that you would just like someone else to do it for you?
Why? And how much benefit would you gain? Especially if this is an important area of your life or something you have always wanted to learn how to create.
Until next week...create to feel great.
19 projects complete 33 to go
Kitty update! As of this publishing...both kitties are healthy, happy and ready for Spring!  Gus is so happy not to have to wear this collar any more.  One more week, and he was ready to join a Shakespeare Acting Troupe or sign on with a Dish TV provider!  Come to think of it, our TV reception improved the month he was wearing his collar. Hum...


  1. Do you know the dates of your spring classes?

  2. Sadly, no Spring Classes. PCC is lookinbg at next Fall or Winter! If folks are interested in classes sooner, like summer, contact PCC and request they offer the class. All it takes is four people to get it go! It's fun time and you really don't need to know how to sew to create a fun and unique hat. Okay, end of plug.