Saturday, February 27, 2010

Goodbyes and Oh, Yeah, She Went There!

I really don't like goodbyes. Oh, sure, I say goodbye to my husband and my kitties everyday, and I know I'll see them sometime later that same day.  I'm okay with that.  I have trouble with goodbyes to the people in my life I don't see everyday, but I know I'll see them again sometime soon. And of course the goodbye when you know you aren't, for whatever reason going to ever see that person again. Whatever the goodbye, when I say it to someone, I always do a little blessing (usually not spoken outloud to them, sometimes it is).  It helps me knowing that I'm sending them a well wish as they leave.  A well wish for their happiness and safety as they go on through their life.  It's just a little blessing.This week was a week of goodbyes for me.
On Sunday, my dear little dwarf aqua frog, Viola T. Frog, crossed the rainbow bridge after almost four years of dancing and greeting me every time I entered the room her bowl was in.  She was only 2 inches in size, but she was mighty frog, living well beyond what they say these little frogs live.  A big goodbye to a tiny friend.

On Wednesday, I said goodbye to my dear friend Chelsea.  This bright, brillant,wonderful soul is going to Botswana with the Peace Corp for two years.  In the short time I've known her, she has taught me so much about walking in the world, taking risks, enjoying life with zest, making a contribution, and the fine art of administring Sub Q fluids to cranky old men kitties to help them live a longer and healthier life.  I will miss Chelsea, and yet  I know she will keep me in her loop, and I'll get the hear about her adventures.
To quote Dr. Suess..."Oh, the places you'll go."  I wanted to give her a small something to remember me by, something I thought she might be able to use on her travels.   I created a passport wallet!    
I don't very much care for making my own patterns.  I always like it when someone else has done all the work and thought out all the bugs of the design.  Much easier (I'm really lazy).  Yet I couldn't find any patterns for what I had in mind, so to the drafting board I went.  Charting unknown territory, made my own pattern and created a wallet with many pockets, a heart applique and even a zipper closure!  I was pleased with the result and so was Chelsea.  I know she'll be putting it to good use, and might just think of me from time to time as she's using it.  In a way, I get to travel along with her. A visual blessing for her happiness, health and safety as she travels.  Had I let the fact that I couldn't find a pattern for this wallet get in my way, it wouldn't have been the same sort of gift.  Oh, the places I get to go and the places I've gone to get there!

So, where will your creativity take you?  And what's stopping you from going there?
Oh, the places you will go!
Until next week...create to feel great.
20 projects complete   32 to go!

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  1. Beautiful post! Feels like I just read a gift...thank you so much!