Friday, March 5, 2010

Petal Pushin'

This has been a challenging winter for me. Not a lot of snow or cold in my area, but one unplanned thing after another to deal with.  It could get a girl down for real.   I'm grateful I started this campaign, it has kept my spirits high and focused.  My kitties are healthy. I'm doing better every day.  It's time for Spring!  The sooner the better.
March is also National Craft Month.  So, of course we on the Campaign Trail are going to celebrate!  I was wondering how does a person celebrate National Craft Month, besides just crafting until your hands hurt?  I have crafted since I was a kid.  I can't remember a time or day when I wasn't "makin' somthin'." I think, for a celebration of National Craft Month, I'm going to go back to basics.  Back to some of the fun stuff I use to make as a kid, and see if I can put an adult spin or updated spin on it or at very least make it look like something I could use in my everyday life.
One of the very first crafts I remember making as a kid were flowers.  I grew up in the 1960s, and my mother was in love with burlap and pom pom flowers.  These things came in orange, yellow, avocado green and hot pink. Remember it was the 1960's.  We would make them and place them in vases and just think they were the most wonderful things ever.  Hand crafted flowers are still a part of crafting books, blogs and websites. Since I don't garden very well and wanting to celebrate Spring and National Craft Month. Making flowers were the ticket. I really wanted to stay away from working in burlap.I recall the burlapy flowers were real dust collectors.  I found a website that had these cute little buds.           
 I did my own take on making these.  I thought they would make great hat decorations, or lapel pins. They used vintage buttons and I decided to make them out of felt scraps.  I glued pin backs or magnets on the backs of the flowers. I think there might be even more uses for these flowers and can be made out of all sorts of fabrics. Spring has sprung!  It wasn't a direct throw back to my childhood, but it was crafting flowers.  These were so simple and easy, it was difficult to stop making them.    Want to know how to make these darlings?  Go to  I think she calls them Fluffy Flowers.

How will you celebrate the coming of Spring?
And just as important...    National Craft Month?

                                                                         Until next week...create to feel great!
21 projects complete.  31 to go.

One more thing to celebrate: The Campaign is now listed among the blogs on the Craft Place.  An outstanding crafting site, we are sharing company with some of the best and most creative crafters around.  Check it out at

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