Saturday, March 27, 2010

Don't Be Jealous Of My Boogie

"It must be nice to be so creative." Or "I wish I were creative like you." Or "If I had all the time in the world, like you do, I'd be creative.  Someday, I'll get to be creative, like you."  I hear that sort of thing all the time, and first thing that comes to my mind when I hear all that is. "Well, you are as creative as me.  And what fear is stopping you?"   We all have 24 hours in a day to create.  Create whatever we want with that time.  Yes, we have stuff to deal with within that day.  We have to earn our keep, our daily bread. That doesn't mean it can't be creative, now does it?  I know I keep saying this, and it's important, creativity is in all of us.  It's all in how we choose to look (or not look) at things.  Creativity is a vital energy force, once tapped and expressed, can drive us on to bigger and better things.  At the very least, fill our with ease and joyful expression.
I want to go back to my comment about, looking at things creatively or not looking at things at all, more to the point.  Sometime we don't want to look at things going on in us and around us.  Why? Is is it fear?  Fear of what we might see?  Fear of not being able to respond or having to respond or deal with it?  Or all that and more?
Stepping up, and putting on those "let's really look at this" eyeglasses, will only help you grow and here's the biggest gift I've discovered in all's another way to get the creativity to flow.  Yes, it helps us solve problems, but it also helps us create art, and an artful joyful life.  Pretty cool.
Yes, my friend and blog reader, you are as creative as I am.  I'm  here to stand next to you and tell you this.  One more time, a thousand more times.  And you have time to enjoy and discover the depths of your creativity everyday.  Please don't stand on the side lines of your life and look around at others creating and with a sigh, say. "Someday.  Someday I'll get to create."  That someday is now for you!

Here's my " let's really look at this" moment of the week.  My wonderful boy cat, Gus, loves to search out and chew on plastic.  He loves a good zip lock bag, but when that is not available, he'll go for a plain old store shopping bag.  Eating plastic is one of the most unhealthy things a cat can eat, so I've had to be very careful about the bags around the house.  It's a battle.  I have to keep some plain old store shopping bags around for cleaning up the litter boxes.  We have a spot in our kitchen, behind our garbage can that has worked great for years.  My husband and I just stuff the bags behind the can.  Easy access to pull them out when we need them.  That has worked for years...enter Gus.  Mr. Search and Eat a Plastic Bag Gus.  Last week he discovered the stash of plastic bags.  Enter problem to be solved.... and this week's project.  A great little bag  crocheted out of cotton yarn that was headed to the Donations bag.  It holds the bags I need safely and organized.  We can still get to them, but Mr. Gus can't.  Now I could have just fought this problem, yelled at Gus and had all sorts of plastic bag drama in the house.  Instead...this is a very nice and clean solution.  Creativity engaged and problem solved.  Whee!  The plus side was this didn't take a ton of my time as well, and a time when I'm very busy dealing with other life things.  Taking that little bit of time to engage my creativity and solve this problem, actually in the end gave me more time. How?  Well, I'm not having to stop or worry about Mr. Gus getting at the bags.  How much time can that take? You ask.  Well, every time he's decided to lunch down on a bag, I have to stop what I'm doing to stop him.  It's little minutes and seconds that chip away at my time to create and do my daily work.  Now it's not a problem.  Whee, again!
So, don't get me wrong, I like it when folks acknowledge that I'm creative.  But don't spend your time in envy and jealousy, 'cause you have it in you as well.  Get in here and dance!  Create!
What problem will you solve this week using your creativity?  How will that creative expression/problem solved, show out into the world?
Until next week...create to feel great!
24 projects complete!  28 to go!

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