Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh, Bag It!

Okay, we are almost at the end of March and I haven't acknowledge that March is National Craft Month.  (a little yay! goes out here).  I've doing my fair share of celebrating this most fabulous of months.  Crafting like a crazed fool. Mostly making bags.  Like the one in the photo.  It's a Martha Stewart pattern and I made it Re-Marthable by putting a bird on it, because I live in Portland (Portlandia) and we put birds on things.  This bag is for holding all a person's card making supplies.  Oh, really?  I keep mine in an very large stuffed to brim blue box.  This bag is going to a friend of mine, who is much more controlled with her craft supplies
In this "celebrating" all that is crafty, I've had to do some preparation for a costume project, that is quickly coming on my heels.  This week culminated in a cranky fest for me.  I was dragging myself to do this work.  All I could see was the end of this project I was considering a waste of time, but a bit of income.  I was bored doing the renderings. I was impatient reading the play and studying it.  I was nervous about the time line for putting this all together.  I was resentful of this project as a whole.  Great energy to bring to something, right?
I was asked, "Where is the fun here?"  Wow! A question I ask people all the time.  A question I like to think I live by was now being tossed back at me at the speed of sound and light.  "Where was the fun here?"  I realized in all this big ball of crap and negativity I had created around this project, I forgot to find the fun! I forgot to create and bring the fun to this project.  Dang.  The moment I shifted from cranky to fun... the creative flood gates opened wide.  Gifts of all sorts flew into my arms.  Really they did!  I'm now moving with ease through this huge project.  All the elements of fun are right inside me and it starts with mind set, once again.  I also realized that as much as I love costuming and making costumes, I can only count on maybe one hand the number of times I can say, "I really had fun doing that show."  Most of the past times, I've approached it with the mind set of this is serious and very hard work and so not fun.  Odd because I am after all working on a "play."
I'm bagging all the negative, dragy and not fun energy into a huge old garbage bag and kicking it to the curb.  I keep thinking that with all this cleaning out of negativity I've been engaged in the last two or so years, that all the corners would be clean and lessons wrung out.  It's not working that way for me.  As with each new time I put myself out there, the lessons appear and some other corner needs to be swept clean.  It's life.  It's where the fun is.
Where is the fun?  Are you bringing it to everything you do with your life?
Until next week...create to feel great!
23 projects complete! 29 to go!
And a very happy National Crafting Month to everyone!

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