Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spread The Luck And Love and Magic

I consider myself to be one lucky gal. It has taken me years and years to appreciate my life and all I have created.  In those years and years, I would spend my time comparing my life to others, complaining about the things I didn't have, getting frustrated at my life on the whole.  I didn't like myself very much, I didn't like life very much.  In that place it was difficult for me to understand why I had the life I had.  About the time I started this Campaign, I came to an intense realization that life is really what I make it.  I can create what ever I what.  Empowering thought, hell to the yes it is.  I'm sort like a reformed sinner, in that I talk about this topic a lot.  More for me than really anyone else I talk to.   I'm so grateful of my life.  My talent and skill, the flow of my days. All the talented and skillful and intelligent people I know, who really bless my life, I'm grateful for you all, you brighten my days.  Of course, my lovely kitties and my dear Broadside.
So, with all this gratitude, I love spreading the joy.  I'm in a place to do that.  I love that I've included in my life the question, "How can I bring the magic?"  I'm finding in the answer that my creativity is skyrocketing.
This week the answer to that question came in the form of a small crocheted Cat.  A Good Luck Cat.
Like the ones seen in Asian Markets.  The ones with the paw up in the air to sign Good Luck or Fortune.
An Internet friend of mine, has been in need of a reminder that there is Good Fortune in the world.  She loves cats.  I love to crotchet and making little animals.  So, I'm sending her a little magic, along with wishes for  Good Fortune.  I think if anything it will make her smile.  I know I smile everything I look at him (her).
I'm going to make a couple more of these in red and black.
This idea came from me wanted to share my thoughts of Good Fortune with someone in my life.
Do you think you are a lucky person? Do you have Good Fortune in your life?  Are you willing to share?
Until next week...Create to feel great!
20 projects complete.  32 to go!

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