Saturday, July 16, 2011

So I Think I Can Dance

"Human Beings, vegetables or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intone in the distance by an invisible player."~ Albert Einstein
My summer, so far, has been centered around more lessons about being in the moment and how to move forward in that moment.  Anytime to work on those lessons is a good time, for me summer seems to avail it's self to the lessons and provides many a classroom.   In my "studies", I came across the above quote from Mr. Einstein.  It inspired me to look at the question of "how to be in the moment?"  as a dance.  A dance that can and will change it's tempo. The dance idea feels more creative to me.  It was also inspired by my brother-in-law Douglas, who was a very gifted and creative designer in his own time.  Sadly, he passed away all too soon and way to young from a long illness.  Doug would call me on Sundays to ask me what I was creating?  We would talk for about an hour, mostly about design. Sometimes about life and events.  As he got closer to passing, we would sometimes talk about what he was feeling and going through.  During one of our last conversations, we talked about the challenge I have staying in the moment.  He joked and said with a word of caution for me.  "Oh, don't wait to start dying to figure that one out.   Because that's all I can do right now is be in the moment.  It's a wonderful dance. I wish I'd started it sooner."  
"A dance?" I asked.  "What sort of dance?"
"A Strauss Waltz for me. The tempo is wonderful and the perfect pace."
The Blue Danbue was played at his memorial.
This week was so much about me to doing this "I'm in the moment dance", by Friday, I had no projcet of the week! I had lost track of time! I had a couple of ideas.  I made a couple of attempts and everything failed.  I was forcing and pushing to complete something.  It felt odd and out of step.  I kept thinking that maybe I didn't need a project.  I certainly did my share of creating this week, but really nothing new.  This morning, I discovered that I was stepping into the moment, and not brining the fun to my project of the week idea. I decided to clear my mind and dance a bit around my studio (I tried a waltz and some salsa with Gus).  Sure enough...I was ready to create some fun.   I painted a little wooden bird house for Mickeygurrl's bird garden.  I also put together her Bird Table- a wooden bird feeding station.  
I'm thinking being in the moment and bringing the fun equals a magic time.  This week it did for me.

What tempo is your "I'm in the moment" dance?   So,do you think you can dance?
Until next week...create to feel great.
39 projects complete  13 to go.

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  1. I love your goal for the year of creating something new each week! You seem to be doing really great with it, I love the bird house. Especially the colors on the roof - it looks so fun and whimsical!

    I don't think, I KNOW I can't dance, haha. It's ok though, I have a lot of other ways to live in the moment! :)

    (Read my blog! swapper)