Saturday, July 2, 2011

You Say You Want A Revolution

I love the 4th of July.  Every year, I'm glad that the founders of our country, sat in wool coats in a hot stuffy room and pounded out the details that laid the foundation for our country.  Some folks  might say, these men did this to protect their own interests.  All were rich men.  All had land and holdings to protect.  I'm still not ready to dismiss what they did because they were a bunch of rich white guys sitting around in a room fighting to protect their holdings and attempting to get away from paying taxes to a King.   These men all had their baggage and junk.  They weren't angels.  Yet they were smart and educated men, taking a stance for what they believed in and protecting what they had built.  They were doing some risky stuff in that room.  I find all their stories to be an inspiration.  The 4th of July for me is to celebrate all that came out of that room in 1776.  Sometimes we have to take a chance and do something different- shake things up to change things up.
I'm simplifying things a bit here when I talk of the founders.   I do this to get my thoughts going.  To get the core of the story and get the inspiration.  I think what would have happened if they had said, "I'll pass on this opportunity. It's too risky.  I'll be uncomfortable.  I don't like the others involved in this process."  And a hundred other excuses- that I'm sure some used.   Just sit there, not doing anything and getting more and more angry at the oppression that England was heaping on them.
I'm glad those men took the chances they took.  I respect any one who takes a chance and moves towards a direction that is not just in their own self interest, but just might benefit others.  Anger and frustration can be a strong motivator.  It can also eat us alive.  Again, it what we do with this anger and frustration that matters.
I started this Campaign out of anger and frustration.  Angry and frustrated with myself that I wasn't doing anything about the negativity I saw in me and the world.  For me it wasn't good enough to just be angry and frustrated. I had to do something anything.   Now I'm not under any delusion that my little Campaign is shaking the world on a grand scale.  All I can count for is me, my attitudes and reactions.  I'm happy to report that it has and is changing me everyday.  I'm happier and freer feeling overall everyday, since embark on this Campaign.  I'm certain more tapped into my creative and the effects it has on me and my world. It has revolutionized my world.
Is there something you've done in your life that you feel has revolutionized you?  How would you like to revolutionize your life as it is right now?
Happy Independence Day!                                                                 
Until next week...create to feel great!
36 projects complete!  16 to go!

This week's project are some nice red, white and blue crocheted dishcloths.   I've crocheted for years and years (I don't love crochet as much as knitting, but I love it's speed), but I've never made a dishcloth.  Guess it was time!

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