Saturday, October 1, 2011

How Annoying Is That?

Everyday I find that something will annoy me.  I'm not perfect.  I will say I'm good at allowing something to get to me or annoy me and then I can let it go.   I'm finding less and less things that annoy me, but I still get annoyed.  It's not the annoyance's fault.  It's mine, because I let it get to me and if I let to continue without doing anything about it, or I allow it to keep annoying, that really is my problem to fix. or in some case just drop.  Most things that annoy me are like little gnats flying around my face.  They are there for a second and I swat them away and I can move on. (I am writing metaphoricly here. I do find bugs flying around me and lighting on me annoying).   Sometimes I allow annoyances to mount up into one really huge annoying,  "I can't put my finger on where or how it started, but now I'm annoyed and it is messing me up" big ball of being annoyed. When I find myself in that mind set, I have then take time to break out each piece of what is annoying me and deal with it.   I'm finding that takes more time and effort (and is really annoying) than dealing with the annoyances as they appear.  
This week I had the opportunty to deal with a huge annoyance at the office I work at part-time.  It is a very small office that I'm proud of saying that I've managed for 14 years.  I work with two others who are very smart, all be it busy people.   Lunch, sometimes, is a big deal.  Sometimes, I will cook fresh food for them, because one can only eat some many Hot Pockets.   I clean up my cooking mess.   They eat lunch and toss dishes in the sink to sit for days.  Until I get so sick of looking at that mess, I do the dishes.   Then they sit in the drainer until, I decide no one else is going to deal with them, so I will.  I have longed for a small dish washer for years.   This week I found one.  My generous boss agreed.  The dishwasher arrived was set up and is doing it's job.  One annoyance gone.  A true relief.   Yet to brought around another issue.  That age old question that can plauge dish washer owners.  "Are these dishes clean or dirty?"  Oddly, my co-workers are really into to loading and unloading the dishwasher.  I pray that newness never wears off.   I knew creativity was needed to solve this issue.   Enter the Clean/Dirty dishwasher magnetic sign!  I created it so that it was funny and would make someone look no matter how many times they see it.  Yes, it is a little tacky, but my co-workers think it is funny.   My work is done, here.  Time to head off into the sunset for this week and cut off those annoying annoyances at the pass.
What do you allow into your life to annoy you?  What can you do to take care of that annoyance.
Until next week...create to feel great!

50 -yes 50 projects complete!!!! 2 to go!!!


  1. That is really cool! My grandmother has a magnet with the words clean/dirty but yours is so much cooler!

  2. Am glad the boss agreed dishwasher, that will help your mind on that one issue. love the magnet you made!

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