Saturday, October 8, 2011

It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over

Broadside and I were having our morning coffee at our local, last week, we were sitting outside and enjoying the day.  Next to us was a table of people, I over heard one of them say. "I'm over 60.  I'm not about to start learning anything new."  I know I heard only part of the conversation and out of context, but the comment struck me and made me a little sad.   I wanted to go over and talk to that table.  The person was so resolved and insistent.  I felt a little sad for them.     I was sitting having my coffee excited to start my day.  A day full of learning new things. About myself.  About my art.  About my creative process. Just learning how the day will unfold and what I would do with it was exciting.  I love learning.  Next week, I turn 55.  I can not imagine a day or even a moment in my day when I'm not learning something.  I guess I could say. "I'm 55.  I'm not about to STOP learning."  I think life long learning is the fountain of youth.  Nothing jazzes me more than learning a new skill or having an insight about life or learning something new about someone in my life.  It is energizing and life affirming. It is forward moving. It certainly is positive.

Over the past year, I've been learning how to make greeting cards.  I have my own style and yet I was getting bored with my designs.  Good old Google to the rescue.  I discovered this amazing techinque...Iris Folding.   So cool and easy.  I made a couple of cat themed cards.  There are hundreds of designs and ways to fold these cards.  I love the results.  I learned a new card making technique.
Three cheers for learning!

Do you think you will ever stop learning?  
Until next week...create to feel great!
51 projects complete!  1 to go!  Finish line in view!

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