Saturday, October 15, 2011

That Was The Year That Was

This blog post marks Week 52 of Year 2 of The Campaign For Creativity To Banish Negativity.   52 completed projects, 52 blog posts.  Over 52 lessons,  ramblings, thoughts and reflects.  It's been a great year.  I feel like I've spent the year more turned inward towards.  Doing my own personal work and reflections.  I've learned a lot and accomplished a lot, not just projects.
I've challenged myself to learn new things.  Crafted new items. I've added card marker, wallet designer/maker and pet portrait painter to my growing list of crafts. I discovered Swap-bot.  An amazing and addictive site, that has helped me learn new crafts, gather inspiration and make some new friends.  I've discovered that crafting builds an important connection.  It brings us together in community.
I now call myself a writer. As I'm writing/creating something new everyday.   I'm working towards seeing something sold and published.  At very least entertain people. 
I was greatly disappointed in a crafting icon this year (that's right, Martha).  Yet I learned that I have and I am remarkable and that we all are.  The trick is to discover that in ourselves, instead of waiting for outside validation.
I think I created some magic and sprinkled it here and there as I went along my merry way.
I keep learning powerful lessons for the animals in my life.  Mickeygrrl has taught me to stop worrying and hovering, to allow life to unfold, and we can all heal ourselves, while growing stronger than we ever dreamed we could imagine.  Gus. He shows me the power of love everyday.  That the well love is drawn from is deep and full, and there is no harm in drawing from that well as much as we want.  It makes us strong and happy.  It is the essence of life, ours of the asking. As long as we act out of love, the well will not dry up. Also it is okay be goofy, make a fool of yourself and do things a cat isn't suspose to do. It only makes you cuter in the eyes of the world. This year was also marked by the meeting of the most remarkable dog from Africa, his name is Wooti.  In his wisdom he shows the world that a better life can be created and be had with love and trust. Wooti is the poster dawg for "what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger" and I'll add- takes us to places beyond our wildest imaginings. These cats and dog are true Zen Masters and guide me on my journey.

I've learned that worry is as useless as jealousy.  They both create tension, stop us from moving forward and can make us ill.  Plus they aren't any fun.  Control is an illusion, the only thing we can control is our reactions to what life hands us.   I believe we can make lemonade from lemons or better yet lemoncello.
Personally, my attitude and outlook is more positive than ever. I work to spread my happy outlook out into the world.  Somedays are better than others, because through it all, I'm only human.  The cranky, depressed and angry moments are few and far between, and when they do come they flee as quickly as they have come.  I'm also discovering that it is way okay to take care of myself.  No guilt or "I'm not worth" feelings about doing that.
I really have to say, it was a fantastic year!  I'm so grateful for all the people who follow and read my weekly adventures. Thank you all! To all my friends new and old (or silver and gold) who support me, love me and challenge me to be a better person. Thank you, you know who you are and I hope you know how much I love you, cause I do!  Also, to my husband, Broadside who helps me create my happy fun life. Thank you!
And I know you know I love you!
As this year closes, I begin to think about what's ahead for me. What do I want to create?  The biggest question is- do I want to go another year? My gut tells me the 3rd year is where the challenge will really really be.  Finding the projects.  Blogging my insights. Reaching out to make this Campaign a force for shifting old crusty mindsets. Being the change I want to see in the world.  Giving people permission to be positive in the sea of negativity.

Here's my plan.  Take a week off.  Celebrate my accomplishments.  Do some more reflection.  After my week off , start creating and hit the Campaign Trail for Year 3!  I hope you will join me.
How was your year? What did you create?
Keep creating to feel great!  See  you week after next. For the start of Year 3!
52 projects complete!  That is a wrap!

This week's project is a fabric flower necklace.  It's got a shabby chic vibe, made from vintage flower lace and rhinestones.  These necklaces are on trend this season, big in the crafting/beading world and a kick to make for little or no time and money.  I think it really makes a nice statement.


  1. Well said. It's always such a good exercise to reflect--it's strange, once you have an epiphane (sp?) it seems like such common sense from then on out, that it's often easy to forget how far you've come, and how much you've learned. As always, you are such an inspiration to keep working and learning more about the world and ourselves. Enjoy your week of rest and rejuvination!

  2. Congratulations on completing week 52!You must feel a great sense of accomplishment. A year can be a really, really long time to stick with something. I think a week off is well-deserved! (crmc from swap-bot)