Saturday, November 12, 2011

Drama Queen

In his books, Ekhart Tolle asks the question, "Do you want peace or do you want the drama?"  I think most folks jump at saying "well, peace, of course." Then proceed to live with or create drama.  I know this, as a personal fact of my life of years past. I've been known to create my fair share of drama or be involved in it.  All the while saying. "I wish this would stop! I just want peace of mind."  Crazy making stuff this drama/peace question is for some.
For someone, like myself, who has lived with drama most of her life and years ago set out to eliminate the drama and seek peace, giving up the drama and it's creation is a tough task.  The creation of drama is comfortable and a known practice.  It's a fall back course of action. A place to visit when life gets boring or isn't quiet complicated enough.  After years of battling with drama, I realized this week, I've come to a place of calm and peace and routine in my life.  I liked.  Yet, I can hear the that little drama queen calling to me to come out and play. This week, I had a chance to look at this drama vs. peace idea.
I friend of mine asked me to describe drama and then to describe excitement.   Lightening bolt struck me. One of Oprah's "ah moments" flashed.  As I described these two words, I found great differences in them for me.

Drama seemed old, tired, stagnate,negative, old of my control. Almost dare I say, boring. It's full of hard feels, disappointment, junk and stuff to deal with, ill will, conflict and tension. A great way to experience drama is to keep rehashing the past.  The woulda, shouldva, couldvas love drama.

Excitement felt like creative options were open, forward movement is happening, it feels dazzling, endless and generous.  There is also a joy in excitement.  Like a kid on Christmas morning or her birthday or a day at the circus.  Excitement can come from anything and everything.  Like walking in the morning and seeing a hummingbird feeding on bush and waving "hi" to you or spending the afternoon painting with a good friend or sitting on the sofa and having a silky soft old lady cat jump up and purr in you lap.  Excitement is all this and millions things more.  I need to be totally in the moment to experience excitement.
So, now, I've come to realize that I can create excitement and know peace.  I think that's a cool concept to play with for the time.

 Now, do you want the drama or peace? How will you go about creating excitement in you life?

Until next week...create to feel great!
3 projects complete! 49 to go.

I put a bird on it!
This painted bowls and a painted Santa.   My good friend Marilee and I discovered Mimosa Studios.  We spent the afternoon painting ceramics.   We're going back.  It's fun to have a creative project that I didn't have to clean the mess up after wards.


  1. As usual, such good insight, DeeDee. I've been struggling a bit with feeling bound in a routine for the first time in a couple of years, and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't getting to me. But it's very important to remember that it is NOT drama that I'm craving, but excitement,, I just need to figure out how to get there without losing balance...

  2. This is the post I needed today. I have such drama surrounding me in my extended family and it is exhausting me!!! I really really need to find a way out of the drama. I am thinking about what you have written and hope to report that I have a solution. Thanks,